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      XIVAMC2007 Committee
      Danelaw Medieval Fighting Society Inc
      PO Box 210
      Kenthurst NSW 2156
    • E-mail xivamc2007@danelaw.org.au



      M-0405 712 087
      KIRK METCALFE, TREASURER M-0425 344 038
      Please feel free to contact any of us with your inquiry. Leave a message if we can't take your call
Who is Responsible?
    Danelaw are pleased to take on the responsibility of coordinating, administrating and making sure that everything is in place for a successful event.
    During the event though, we would like to see specific aspects of the 2007 Convention rest in the safe hands of those groups and individuals who are experts in those fields or have a strong passion for them. So, if your group has a strong focus on (eg) archery or brewing, we would like your advice and involvement to ensure that these aspects will be handled in a manner that is most enjoyable for you. It is YOUR convention, be involved in those parts of the event that are of greatest importance to you.
    In the end we would like to appeal to the majority of participants attending the event. We think that it is fair that those attending the event offer advice and feedback and ultimately decide on how things will run.
Who is the XIVAMC2007 for?
    All historical re-enactors and living-history enthusiasts who re-create life from the Romans to the Renaissance.

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