• The program is available here. Changes will be made as required.
  • Please note that there are multiple pages (one for each stream): Combat, Historical/Cultural, Arts/Crafts, Games, Competitions and Miscellaneous.
  • A list of Activities that have received support from participants is in the program. Take careful note of those activities that have been suggested but have no pledged support. These activities require your support otherwise they will not be allocated resources and worse still, may be cancelled due to lack of interest. (Don't think we won't and you'll only have yourselves to blame).
  • We want to fill up the different streams in the program: Historical/Cultural, Arts/Crafts, Games, Competitions, Kids Activities and Miscellaneous. These streams have been left blank in the proram so far. Those streams that are lacking in activites will be collapsed/amalgamated. If no-one from your group has put their hand up to contribute anything to the 2007Con, put yourselves in the limelight and become involved. It's YOUR convention. Don't spend it just staring at each other.
  • Have a good look around you, at your peers in the movement, and encourage those with knowledge, skills, experience, or those with enthusiasm, pride in what they do, and/or outright CHUTSPAH to showcase themsevles and their club.
  • The program will be revised as feedback is received.

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