• This page will contain the XIVAMC2007 merchandise available for order and will feature other wares that will be available for order/purchase from third party vendors at the XIVAMC2007.


  • While the masses delight endlessly in disposable adornments, a person of distinction holds oneself to a far more exacting standard. It is to those qualified to savor the luxuriating delights of the highest standards of clothing that we offer this exquisite range of XIVAMC2007 Merchandise.
  • Poloshirts - 100% Polycotton
    The Chinese machine mass-production method remains the finest. The supple and intoxicating feel of the polycotton transcends the wearer's understanding of the silken caress of fabric against skin. Go on- touch it. But be warned. As you touch it, so it will touch you.
  • Caps - 100% Cotton and Suede
    No great work is achieved without suffering. The genuine goatskin that not so long ago served merely to sustain the life of a grazing animal has been painstakingly transformed by leather artisans; and the cotton, stripped alive off the bush and spun by the pride of third world technology into a garment of unsurpassed elegance.
  • Logo
    Polo Shirts
  • Merchandise is only available by order.
  • To have merchandise available for collection at the 2007 Con', please order at least six weeks before the event. ORDER FORM
  • Merchandise ordered at the 2007Con' will be available six weeks after the event.


  • Shayrebel: "Makers of Good Styffe and Jynke". Michael Nakone, P.O.Box 180W
    Fairfield West NSW 2165, Mob :0408 419 083
  • Sven The Merchant : Fletching (Hunting, Projectile Combat, Replica, & Target Arrows), Furniture (Chests, Chairs and Tables), Keys, Locks and Fittings, Miscellaneous (Toy Horse, Manicle, Odin statue, Leatherwork, Pillory), Projectile Combat (Woven wire visor, Plate visor, complete PC helms)
  • James Murray: of the Bega Valley Archers (Hafdan) will have archery quivers, belt pouches and arming hoods for sale.
  • Wildwood Traditional Archery. Vendors of Istvan Toth Hungarian Horse bows including the Hun, Mongol, Scythian and Tartar. Quivers, arm guards, arrows and Bickerstaffe Medieval English longbows.
  • Chips Whittread, the old silver fox, will also be setting up a traders stall as per normal. He has a pile of period boots to sell. Hard leather sole, felt insert, hand stitched ankle boots, incised stitching on the sole. Good quality. Plus, of course, his normal jewellery, another 200+ items.

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