Welcome to The Danelaw

"The Danelaw" is a 120 acre secluded pine forest surrounded by mountain ranges bordering Morton National Park located near the town of Braidwood, 3 hours from Sydney and 1.5 hours from Canberra. Please refer to the links below for maps and driving directions.

The ground is mostly flat with gently sloping hills in some areas.

There are wetlands with crystal clear freshwater creeks. The property remains lush and green even during drought. Open flat areas can accommodate all types of open field activities or large marquees.

Extensive camping areas are in close proximity to access roads. Lush growths of ferns separate and provide privacy between camping areas. The site has a number of independent encampments. "Dunghaven" is the encampment where Danelaw has installed facilities and makes available for hire to other groups. The site is suitable for all kinds of small or large events in picturesque relaxing surroundings.

Creeks 1
Creeks 2
Camping Areas

Danelaw acquired the property in May 2003. Since that first day we have been hard at work installing as much infrastructure as possible to make everyone's events at "The Danelaw" comfortable, enjoyable and inviting.

Understanding the names:

  • The Danelaw is the name of the property.
  • Dunghaven is the name of the encampment and village where Danelaw hosts its events.
  • Dungkeep is the name of the fort at Dunghaven.
  • What's with the names? The Dungbeetle is our club's (Danelaw Inc) official mascot. We proudly pay tribute the Dungbeetle because just like these industrious and under praised little insects, Danelaw too, toils relentlessly to push shit uphill. No matter how large the load nor how difficult the obstruction, both we and the intrepid dungbeetles just keep pushing even harder.
  • Beorg-Wic is the encampment that AAF has reserved for hosting their October Long Weekend event named Beorg-wic Under Munt. The two encampments are approximately 700m apart. Other groups have begun reserving areas in between for their own fortified encampments. Please refer to the Property Map or contact us for further information.



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