September 2012

Progress Report

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Information for participants and guests at the XVIIARC2013.

Greetings All

Welcome to the September 2012 update for the 2013 Con.

On Site:

After a well earned break, we finally began to turn the property wheels again. In January 2012 we set out to prepare a number of improvements in the non-authentic area of the village. We are always happy to make additions and improvements to our site and systems in order to deliver an even better “next” event. Back in January the 2011 Con was but a memory and at that time we hadn’t even consided a bid for the 2013 Con, but we were prepared to push on and make some necessary improvements just to be ready in case the unthinkable happened (which it did: we're running again).

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  • Kitchen Annexe : We have set out to add an annexe to our kitchen facility to help take some pressure of our kitchen staff and provide some extra room for all the necessary food preps and clean ups needed during a large 4 day event such as Con. Whilst we hardly expect this structure to whip our guests into an excited frenzy, it will be a common sense structure to provide greater comfort and ease of duties for all of our club members, helpers and volunteers. We expect to complete this structure with walls and working sinks in our next trip in October.
  • Quartermasters Store: We have begun work on our Quartermasters store, as a direct result of the canvas tent that we utilised for the past 2 Cons slowly deteriorated under 700mm of rainfall per annum. The Quartermasters Store is where we house all our goods and stores for the event including our food, hence the demand to build something more substantial was a pressing need. Rest assured all of our supplies will be housed in a far better area than the previous events. This will be completed next working trip and allow us to move into some new items in the main village area.
  • Round Hut: We sacrificed our scheduled land trip in early August 2012 to take the opportunity to hold a productive working bee in Sydney. The objective: to get the jump on and pre-fabricate some items for quick assembly on site. The main item we began work on was an 8m Round Hut to be assembled in the main village area. The pre-fabrication day was a success and will enable us to reduce time constructing the roundhut on site from October onwards. We intend to locate it across from the main marquee area, where it will provide another substantial weather proof structure in which to hold workshops, and in which our guests can gather and congregate. We will keep you posted as it progresses.

Off Site:

  • The Official XVIIARC2013 Logo: We have decided on a Logo for the 2013 Con after receiving some generous help, choices and options from one our guests. We are pleased to report we have gone with an original image of a Viking Ship in full sailing splendour. It is an image which has been done in various forms in the past and the graphics in this version are a definite winner. We think it is a good looking image and will adorn all of our official merchandise including shirts and caps. For now we hope you like the logo we have chosen.
    We extend our sincere gratitude and a special thank you to Nathan Vellin of Cathal, who has been so help and generous in dedicating his time and expertise is helping us with this. We certainly appreciate it and help from our guests such as this certainly allows us to concentrate on the back end of the event even more. It is also a great way for some of our guests to take a bit of ownership of the event itself.


  • XVIIARC2013 Tokens: Once again we have enlisted the help of Roy Castell to design and produce the Con Tokens for all our guests. Hand cast, they are always made to an exceptional quality and make an excellent memento of the event as well as a worthy addition to any re-enactoer's 'bling string'. Roy always keeps his cards close to his chest on its theme, but it will be different to the logo and we expect to see the initial castings by Beorg-wic this October long weekend. We will share Teaser images as soon as we have them.
  • Vinland's Coffee House: That’s right, she’s doing it again!
    Chandra from AAF will once again be running the wonderful and ever expanding Coffee house of renown – The Vinland’s coffee House. Often the haven for the caffeine starved re-enactor, we are pleased to announce you will be able to get your daily if not hourly fix along with a number of other beverages including hot chocolates, a vast selection of Teas, and other delectable delectables including the chocolate soldiers and ginger bread men to boot! Be sure to stop by for a relaxer or two during the event. (Have we mentioned the chocolate?).
  • Call for Expressions of Interest to run the Tavern: We are making an official call for any Expressions of Interest to run the Convention Tavern. We have already fielded the odd offer or so but to no avail yet, and we are seeking anyone else who may be interested in taking this one on. We will be glad to offload it and would be keen to give any keen group the opportunity to run it if they choose. The Tavern structure and all its inclusions are already in place and just awaiting a tenant! We will be making some basic tables to accompany the bench seating from last event. If you are interested then please contact us and we would be glad to provide any further details and hopefully receive your submission. Naturally, if we cannot secure the services of another interested club or person, the responsibility for the Tavern will fall back to us as event hosts.

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