Oct/Nov/Dec 2010

Progress Report

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Information for participants and guests at the XVIARC2011.

Greetings to all our event guests and the many site visitors that keep our web stats so high (thanks for taking an interest - we love you for it). We now turn the corner into 2011 and head down the straight for the final few months of Con Preps. As we draw a close to 2010, 2011 will see us shift our focus from onsite projects and new constructions to offsite planning.

On Site:

Whilst the past 12 months of extensive onsite construction have been both a demanding and exhaustive process we're sure you will be pleased with the progress on the splendid and worthwhile additions we have made onsite in a relatively short period of time. We now look forward to simply putting the finishing touches on a number of projects onsite while we begin to sharpely focus on off site tasks. These include finalising and streamlining the convention workshops and activities, and of course formulating the long awaited menu.

Toilet Block: The Toilet block is finally complete. It has been a long time in the making, but we are pleased to present a comfortable, safe and long lasting toilet facility. All that remains is a raised gravel floor to be placed around it to help in times of heavy rain. That will be installed next month. The toilets are raised humanure composting toilets that do not involve holes in the ground but instead use stand alone 200L receptacles. These receptacles are removed when full to compost the waste down to inert soil over a period of months. Organic covering material is used to elimiate noxious odours and pathogens. The toilet block has 6 private unisex cubicles that will serve as the primary toilets for all guests. A lot more information is available about humanure toilets at: The Humanure Handbook . For the long term benefit of Austalian Re-enactment movement events, regardless of where they may be held, we encourage groups to learn more about how this toilet system can improve hygiene and comfort at re-enactment events.


Tavern: As we promised in our last update; we boasted to you that you would literally see the tavern pop up out of the ground. Well we are more than pleased to report that the tavern is vitually complete. The large timber structure has been assembled and roofed and most of the internal timbers attached. The bar has been installed and the test of weatherproofing came in the form of a torrential shower during the last site trip. We're proud and relieved to confim that is dry and comfortable in the wet. A few simple cosmetic additions will see it all ready for Con.



Off Site:

The preparations and offsite planning for the 2011 convention continue in a number of areas.

Convention Mercahandise: The first run of official XVIARC2011 Merchandise has arrived from the manufacturer. The hats and polo shirts look fantastic and they are the sort of clothing that you would be confident to wear with pride. The manufacturer has done a great job on reproducing the logo in high detail embroidery and the effect is a very smart looking item.

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Polo Shirts

Belly Dancers: Our commitment to offer you even better entertainment, especially at night, continues to gather momentum. We are pleased to announce that we have secured the services of prominent Blue Mountains Belly Dance troupe Gypsy Mania, to perform and entertain us all during the Convention, especially during the Eastern Crusdaes feast. They are a well renowned group having performed overseas and their principal, Raine, has been performing Belly Dance for over 15 years. Raine, coincidentally, is also the person who organises the large belly dance soiree ever year at Iron Fest giving us an insight into the level of commitment and expertise she has in this area. Gypsy Mania, as a group, draw their music and costumes from a diverse period of history from Romany Gypsy to a more contemporary style known as Tribal.They are looking forward to performing for us. The magical tapestry of colour, vibrance and energy that they will bring to the event will be sure to delight us all.

Pony Rides: Well we just couldn't help ourselves! Given the popularity and success of pony rides for the kiddies in 2007, we were glad to arrange this again for 2011. Once again we will have a number of ponies available proudly supplied by Sandalwood Pony Stud from Bungonia. We are quite confident they will be a hit with the kiddies again and hope they provide some small respite for the adults. We will also try to have a larger horse available again for any of those kiddies that have not quite grown up yet!

Stocktake of Achievements to Date: It has just been over 12 months since we won (cough) our bid to host the XVIARC2011 and it's that time of year to reflect on what the past twelve months has brought us, and in response to continued supportive and critical feedback, we think it appropriate to highlight what has been achieved so far.
  • With 5 months still to go:
    • On Site:
      • The Marquee area has been graded and smoothed out for greater safety and comfort.
      • The Greenway access driveway has been raised and drainage pipework installed
      • Camping areas are cleared and designated to groups who want a reserved area
      • A Large Smithy has been built to host a number of forging and blacksmithing activities.
      • A new permaenent Toilet Block has been constructed for greater convenience
      • The archery range and targets have been done (including a moving target courtesy of HAFDAN)
      • A chicken coop constructed for Childrens activities and to add to overall village ambience
      • Bridges, stone walls and wicker fences have been constructed to add to the ambiance
      • Stumps have been removed from Combat and communal areas
      • Seating has been installed
      • Firewood has been delivered

    • Off Site:
      • Marquees and hired infrastructure have been sourced and groups can add their own hired infrastructure to the order
      • Competitions have been proposed, and judges and facilitators have come forward for some comps.
      • Prizes have been purchased and others are on order
      • Other offers of help have been coming in to host activities and provide support work
      • Extra entertainment in the form of music and dancing have been secured
      • Official Merchandise has been manufactured, samples received and items are available for order
      • There are over 30 pages of information on the event now available on the web plus a whole lot of photos and maps
      • Accurate and honest attendance numbers have been repeatedly published and are available to date
      • 90% of registrations are processed and completed
      • ... and yes, you're right, the menu and prgram have not not been finalised but they haven't been ingnored nor forgotten. With all that we have achieved so far, we think that we deserve your faith and confidence.


  • 2013 Con - Call for Bids and Expressions of interest: We are asking all groups and individuals who are interested in hosting the 17th Australian Medieval and Re-enactment Convention in 2013, to put forward their Bids, Tenders and Expressions of interest. The hosts for the 2013 Con will be voted for at the XVIARC2011 in Easter next year so it is important for those groups interested in hosting the 2013 Con to get their act together early, put out some information and get the support of the rest of the movement. Further information about bids for the 2013 convention are located here.
  • Registration database Report - Some Hard Numbers: In accordance with our commitment to only offer honest hard numbers and not HYPE, we are pleased to present a Summary Report from the Registration Database as it currently stands in December 2010. Be sure to check it out to see all the latest stats and trends. More importantly it gives everybody a fair chance to have a look and see which groups have committed already and those that have not.


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