Sep/Oct 2006 Progress Report

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A easy month on site this month since we spent the October long weekend attending BeorgWic2006:

On Site:

  • Stumps, Plumbing and Power: Most people will probably never notice or think of how water and power are made available on site. This month involved digging a 60m trench for Power and water. Stumps were removed from around the fort and the marquee area using a stumpgrinder. This will be well appreciated by those who have tripped over stumps in the dark.
  • Bridges, Walls, Fences, Ovens: Much of the (Physically) hard work is now behind us and we are now turning our attention to the finer points of making the 2007Con great. So, we are constructing numerous decorative features that add to the ambiance such as rock walls, wicker fences, cleared avenues, and bridges across the creeks.
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Avenue Oct 06
Bridge Oct 06
Bridge Oct 06
Rockwall Oct 06
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Rockwall Oct 06
Seating Oct 06
Seating Oct 06
Fence Oct 06


Off Site:

  • Merchandise now available for Order: In accordance with feedback received, Prices have been set for Official XIVAMC2007 Merchandise and items are now available for order. Please use the Order form available here.
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Polo Shirts


  • Trophies and Competiton Prizes: We have purchased some of the prizes for Competitions and others are currently on Order. More will be acquired and allocated as support for hosting and judging competitions comes in.
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Prize: Drinking Horn
Prize: Trophy


  • Marquees and Hired Infrastructure: A supplier has been selected to provide the Hired Infrastructure such as Marquees, Tables and Chairs and an order has been established. The supplier is Penrith Party Hire. For all those groups who would like to hire their own Marquees, Tables, Chairs etc, we welcome and encourage you to place your order with Penrith Party Hire and have your order added to those already booked for delivery to the site for the event. There may be savings available on delivery costs via the combined delivery. You will need to book and pay for your own order seperately. We don't get a cut and we won't mix the Event Finances with anyone's personal order. If you are adding your order to the existing delivery please make sure that you advise us of your order so that we don't send it away on delivery day.



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