November 2009 Progress Report

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Information for participants and guests at the XVIARC2011.

It's been a long time since our last progress report. It's not that we have been idle, lazy, disinterested or overwhelmed with it all. Danelaw has been busy and so have all of our members.

The past two years have been a time when Danelaw has been building up our shows, strengthening our own membership and our relationships with other groups, establishing practices to overcome challenges and obstacles, and coming out the other side stronger than before.

Our members have been having children, taking promotions, starting businesses, changing careers and improving their lives. Yep, it's been time well spent.

But the carefree days of personal and group development must now take a back seat to the crushing demands of the undertaking that we now face. It's been 8 weeks since Danelaw announced our bid for the 2011 Australian Re-enactment Convention and after a flurry of responses, support, criticism, and calls for any and all alternative bids, the guns have fallen silent ... Now, in the absence of any other bid for the 2011 Australian Re-enactment convention forthcoming, Danelaw's role as hosts of the XVIARC2011 convention is now official - it's the Con you had to have. (Insert Fanfare).

We thank all those people who have offered us their support and encouragement so far and we also thank those people who have also offered their constructive criticisms and observations as a guide to help us improve the event from last time.

Feedback from participants and guests: The debate about who is hosting it is over but we still encourage feedback, constructive criticism, questions and comments from everyone who will be attending. Please keep them coming - we're all ears.

Feedback from people who are not attending the event: Let us be frank and we hope that you understand the reasoning for this: if you're not coming to the 2011 Con, then no-one; neither us nor our guests, are interested. Save it for the hosts of the next event that you actually will be attending. Their event could benefit from it.

Anyhow, we now begin the arduous but rewarding task of preparing for the 2011 convention and are pleased to be able to move full swing into projects and ideas that have been in a more formulative stage during the bid process.

So what's been Happing?

Off Site:

  • We have been making adjustments and additions to the XVIARC2011 web pages to keep you abreast of everything you need to know.
  • The registration database and registration forms are now online to give you plenty of opportunity to register your interest and to send in your deposits. Be smart. Get in Early.

On Site:

Progress from April 2007 to November 2009
  • Dec 07 - Cleaned out and cleared paths, added new drainage pipes to the rear of the shower block, dug out and relocated toilets.
  • 2008 – shocking, but we, ourselves, did absolutely nothing down there on site in 2008 but extensive road works were undertaken on the 5km driveway by a contractor using heavy machinery.
  • Jan 09 – Finished that last of the stonework and flagging on the 3rd and final drainage culvert on the main access road on the property. Leveled and graded the main entrance area to Dunghaven encampment including earthworks to raise the road and install under road drainage.
  • Aug 09 – Levelled the floor in the kitchen and cleaned out and stocktake of kitchen items. General housekeeping of BBQ’s and ovens.
  • Nov 09 – Completed major maintenance work on numerous features including the tournament area, remedial works on the beehive ovens, repainting areas in the showers, kitchen and reception area. We also commenced clearing areas for more camping, a larger tavern and a smithy.
  • Proposed for Dec & Jan 09 – to continue and complete maintenance program and then commence with the marking out of new village area constructions.
Progress from April 2007 to November 2009


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