May/June 2010

Progress Report

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Information for participants and guests at the XVIARC2011.

Well it has been 4 long months since we last sent out an update in February. Whilst things may have seemed all quiet on the public front for the event, we are now pleased to report that things happening behind the scenes have been right on the boil.

On Site:

Construction,Construction,Construction: A number of structures have now been built that will form the backbone of the convention village and, more importantly, house a wonderful variety of workshops and activities. These structures only await the addition of more historic roof coverings which we will be installing closer to the event. All told we have added 5 roofed structures to accommodate the increased workshops and activities planned for 2011 and to keep activities going in comfort in the unlikely event of inclement weather (HA!). The centre piece of the village is undoubtedly the 6mx3m smithy in which we plan to have a number of blacksmiths and armourers tinkering away during con. A host of other workshops will be accommodated in the other buildings and a flurry of activities can still spill over into the marquee and uncovered areas.

Toilet Block: Our obsession with high standards of ablutions continues to get the better of us but you can enjoy the benefits of our obsession. The Toilet block construction continues along in earnest and is nearing completion. It has been a large and costly project, but will prove to be state of the art, well at least as far as convention toilets go. In all seriousness; the significant expense, care and workmanship that has been invested will provide a long lasting facility that will prove to be the most comfortable, convenient and reliable toilet we have had on site yet. Special thanks must go out to our member Michael Hoskins who has spent in excess of 100 man hours offsite prefabricating handrails, partitions etc to not only make it safe and functional but an addition we all in Danelaw can be proud of. Make sure you show your appreciation by putting it through its paces during the event. Don't hold back!

Village huts
Toilet block

Chicken Coop: To add to the atmosphere and flavour of the event we have also added a little free range chicken coop. We took the opportunity to use a small area at the end of the merchants row to pick up a quick win and introduce something a little different from 2007. It's something for the kids to be involved with during the event if they desire and hopefully adds to the overall ambience of the event. The coop is dog proofed as best we can. Don't worry, we don't expect to be relying on the eggs layed for all the convention breakfasts. It's just a simple way to bring some more life and atmosphere into the main village area and we encourage other guests to bring their own pets and livestock to contribute to a better convention for everyone.

Tavern: Clearing and marking out of the tavern area has now begun. It is likely that this will be the final structure that we will be putting into place for 2011 but we have pulled off the unexpected before. Naturally, it is the largest and most complex structure so we are tackling it last! More details on this one as they come to hand.

Wash Bay: Steel Frames for the wash bay sinks have been produced and the sinks are now in place on site.

Chicken Coop
Sinks and Fort Parapet
Tavern area

Maintenance: Father time has taken it's hold on a number of items on site. The fort parapet is another that we can add to the list. We could have simply patched it for Con, but we decided to bite the bullet and tear down the old one. Whilst quite solid in some parts, it was simply too unsafe in others. Another 10 months until con would only have shown up more problem areas. We will be reconstructing a new deck to provide a sturdier and longer lasting parapet for future use.

Off Site:

The preparations and offsite planning for the 2011 convention continue in a number of areas.

Wayward Minstrels: We are very pleased to announce that the Wayward Minstrels are now on board for the 2011 convention. More period music was a key item that was offered by guests in feedback from the 2007 Con and was also indicated in registration forms for guests registering for the XVIARC2011. This is why we ask our guests to complete the registration forms as much as possible - you ask, you get. We feel that the addition of Wayward Minstrels as both performers and participants is a major boost and highlight for the Con. They are a well renowned (not just in reenactment circles) and highly skilled musical group and we look forward in anticipation to them delighting and entertaining us all throughout the event. They will be evident during most of the con, most notably during the feast times. But don't be surprised to see them pop up performing at other times. With the variety of instruments and music they will be hard to miss.

Numbers so far: We are pleased to announce that we have now cracked the century mark for attendees: 120 participants in fact, have now registered and paid deposits for the event. This is particularly pleasing given that this is traditionally a slow period in regards to registration activity. It an encouraging indication that interest in the event continues to grow even in the quieter months.

Registration database Report - Some Hard Numbers: In accordance with our commitment to only offer honest hard numbers and not HYPE, we are pleased to present a Summary Report from the Registration Database as it currently stands in June 2010. Be sure to check it out to see all the latest stats and trends. More importantly it gives everybody a fair chance to have a look and see which groups have committed already and those that have not.

Convention Tokens: A design has been selected and the initial run is in the process of being cast. We won't give too much away but the design is quite striking and unique. It will make a worthy addition to everyone's "Bling Necklaces" from all the events our guests have attended. The token has been designed and superbly hand crafted by Roy Castel. Congratulations on another quality jewelry item Roy. We have just received the first castings and everyone who has seen it so far has been very impressed and can't wait to be issued their own. While we won't reveal the complete design for a fair while yet, we are pleased to release the following close up teaser images as a testament to the detail of the piece. To give an idea of the level of detail, one of the images below is of an Australian 10 cent piece at the same magnification (guess which one). Our apologies to the rest of you but you will just have to wait a wee while longer for a complete picture.

Token Teasers



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