March 2013

Progress Report

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Information for participants and guests at the XVIIARC2013.

Greetings All

Welcome to the March 2013 update for the 2013 Con. This will be our last published update for the event and further communication will be directly with our guests via e-mail and the occasional Facebook update.

While our guests have been enjoying re-enactor get togethers and preparing for Con, we have been hard at work behind the scenes. We have been pleasantly surprised by the number of people who have been getting on the 2013 Con band wagon this late in the game. We weren't expecting any further registrations but they have still been coming in as recently as the morning of the publishing of this update. It is a tangible demonstration that many re enactors will choose to attend an event on it's merits in spite of aggressive efforts to the contrary. We're happy to declare the event a success as we have generously exceeded the numbers of participants that we were aiming for. It will be a great event to share with like-minded people. It is up to us now, as hosts, to scale up our provisions to meet demand and that is where our efforts have been invested lately and won't stop until after Easter.

On Site:

  • Major infrastructure projects:
    • Quartermasters Store: To accommodate the volume and weight of the food required for our guests, the Q-Store has been fitted out with lighting and commercial shelving and a temporary wooden floor to help it hold up against inclement weather. We tested the shelves and they are able to comfortably accommodate a sleeping drunk.


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      Quartermasters Store


    • Footbridges: As our long term guests and visitors will testify it hardly EVER rains on site when there is an event on. Nonetheless, we thought it prudent to make some portable footbridges just in case there is some water or mud around. We also retrieved the fighting bridge from about 50m downstream where it had been washed away to during the heavy February rains in the area. Remind us to try it to a tree next time so as to save us several hours of back breaking work.


  • 1 1 1 1 1
    Portable Footbridges


    • Testing Gas, Power and Water: One of the jobs that our guests would not necessarily know about is that we need to test every gas bottle, oven and BBQ on site to make sure it is ready to perform during the event. We also test the tank, pump, plumbing and taps to ensure they are running. We do the same for the Generators, generator bays, wiring, power outlets and lights. These checks were completed during the Feb working trip. All systems are working well.
    • The European taste sensation arrives on site : While Europe is madly testing for traces of horse meat in their food the Australian culinary enthusiast has been missing out. But not anymore. We have imported the finest quality free range equines for your feasting pleasure. Get ready for an "off the hoof" experience. For those whose tastes don't run this way we encourage you to try our "road kill Buffet". Seriously though, some horses have fallen in love with the site as much as our guests and have settled in to enjoy some fine dining. If these hungry horses are around during mealtimes, please be sure to defend your plate as they will snatch food right out of your hand.


  • 1 1 1
    Free Range Produce


  • Quick Wins:
    • Cleaning up: We will only be on site once more before the big event so we have commenced final cleanups of campsites and common areas. Most of the site is now ready to receive guests.

Off Site:

  • Trophies: You've got to be in it to win it! We have taken delivery of the host of trophies that will be awarded to the winners of the various competitions being held during the event. Victorious guests will be proud to display them at home and in years to come regale their friends about how they won this trophy at the last re-enactment convention hosted in Australia way back in 2013. Thanks to Jade Pemberton of Danelaw for crafting them so well.


  • 1 1 1 1


  • Tokens: Well, he's done it again. But this time he's done it twice. Roy Castel has produced another fantastic token exclusively for the 2013 Con. Well done Roy. The XVIIARC2013 proudly boasts two unique tokens for our guests. The the kids will receive a ceremonial helm token while adults will receive a Minoan Goddess holding two snakes. Anyone who's not coming will eat their hearts out. Oh Yes.


  • 1 1


  • Quake Bellydance : Quake Bellydance is a Canberra-based dance troupe, dedicated to the fun, glamour and sense of sisterhood of the dance style. Quake has existed in various forms since 2007 and the dancers regularly appear at parties, festivals and restaurants in the ACT. The girls enjoy performing a variety of bellydance styles including classic Turkish and Egyptian cabaret, as well delving into various fusions of gypsy, Bollywood and pop. Quake is looking forward to bringing their colour and energy to the the XVIIARC2013 as much as we will all be looking forward to having them there. (Hands off Uppsala boys. The Quake girls are bringing their minders because they found out you will be there. Who told 'em? We think the Cops did. But judging by their photo we think it's worth doing 3 to 5 for.)


  • 1
    Quake Bellydance


  • Merchandise: While the the rest of the world shamefully takes cheap delight in disposable adornments of questionable quality and poor craftsmanship, a person of distinction holds oneself to the exacting standard of art rather than accoutrement. It is to those whose tastes are refined and whose spirit yearns for the satiating experience of high fashion that are qualified to savor the luxuriating delights of this exquisite range of XVIIARC2013 Merchandise; these are for whom we make them available.


  • 1 1 1 1
    • Polo shirts - 100% Polycotton
      When Marco Polo set sail to discover the east he dreamed of unlocking the Asian mass-production method that churns out product with the relentless need of a caterpillar on a lettuce leaf. Today we benefit from his dream. While alchemists labored to turn lead into gold, weavers pursued the illusive dream of turning wool into polycotton, the holy grail of textiles. While those weavers and alchemists may have died in vain, we today can honor their futile lives by wearing these exquisite shirts. The supple and intoxicating feel of the polycotton transcends the wearer's understanding of the silken caress of fabric against skin. Go on- touch it. But be warned. As you touch it, so it will touch you.

      1 1 1
      Polo shirts


    • Caps - 100% Cotton and Suede
      No great work is achieved without suffering. Inhumane suffering. Screaming for your mother suffering. We understand your need. We know what you want in the dark recesses of your heart. Listen to that voice. The one deep inside that whispers of the delights just waiting to be had if you will just surrender to the desire and buy one these un surpassingly elegant hats.
      You know you want to. We know you want to. It'll be our little secret. Our dirty little secret.

    1 1 1


    • Merchandise is only available by order through Danelaw.


  • Activities: We now have forty (yes 40) different activities available in the form of workshops and games etc. The complete list can be found here. It's a lot to pack into one long weekend and we are currently working on scheduling them all in the Program to allow as many people to enjoy them as possible. The XVIIARC2013 Program will be provided to all participants in the Info Pack that will be sent out to all guests before the event. If you would like to offer any additional activities please send them to:


  • Participant Info Packs: These will be e-mailed to all participants before the event and contain all the information about the event that a guest could want including:
    • Gate codes for access
    • Allocated camping areas
    • Driving directions
    • Site map
    • Guidelines for Interclub Combat
    • Weapons Safety Competency Regime
    • Program
    • Menu
    • Tourney Rules


  • Convention Administration - Registration and Payments: All payment receipts have been issued over the past few days and the database is up to date with all the participants feedback and registration forms received so far. If you have not been sent a receipt for payment by now it means that we have no record of your registration and payment so the responsibility falls to you to chase it up. We have had a handful of payments still come in without reference nor registration. These are no good to us and we have not been able to progress these. If you are certain that you have registered and/or paid then please find your copies and we encourage you to make contact with us so we can get it straightened out.


  • Convention Administration: Staff Rosters: Along with the Info Pack, an person who is attending the event as a staff member will also be sent out their staff Roster which identifies their work duties throughout the event. Thank you to everyone who has approached us to offer support and to work their way through Con. We appreciate your contribution. This is our third Con as hosts, and we recognize that your support will help free us up to attack some other duties during the event. This takes the pressure off a small number of people who are often worked in to the ground and by sharing the load gives the Con staff a chance to enjoy part of the event themselves. Throughout the event we will look to our guests to co-operate with staff and other guests to chip in where they can and help to make the event the best it can possibly be.


  • Numbers So Far: 151 Guests have now registered and paid in full so far. It is pleasing to see so many independent re-enactors also choosing to attend. We ask everyone to make them welcome. We did expect numbers to plateau since the final price rise but we were wrong (again). Congratulations to all those who have wisely chosen to jump in early and secure themselves the best rate possible. For everyone else who hasn't yet paid the $300 At the Gate Rate now applies.

Registration database Report - Some Hard Numbers: In accordance with our commitment to only offer honest hard numbers and not HYPE, we are pleased to present a Summary Report from the Registration Database as at 12 March 2013.


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