March 2007 Progress Report

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On Site:

  • 10 tonnes of Stones : It was a job that we have been dreadng and we put it off for as long as we could. So naturally, on the day we finally take it on, it poured rain. But it had to be done. 10 tonnes of stones were layed by hand to prevent the access road from washing away as water rushes through the drainage pipes.
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Laying Stones
  • Camping Areas: The final map of Camping Areas is available here and further details about each campsite is available here. A number of camp sites have not been reserved so those groups that have not reserved a campsite will have a number of camp sites to choose from on the day.
  • Sauna/Steam Room: We will have a traditional Finnish Sauna on site for the event. Traditional Saunas operate by filling a room with steam by drizzling water over stones that have been heated over a fire. This Sauna will be a temporay structure housed in a tent. It will be available for the use of all guests throughout the event and if it proves to be a big hit, we will construct a permanent sauna on site for the benefit of everyone at future events.
  • Final Checks: This month on Site was dedicated to final checks of facilities and logisitics that we have been working on consistently for the past four years. We are pleased to announce that it is all systems go and were as ready as we'll ever be.

Off Site:

  • Photos and maps - For fans of Google Earth, you will find recent maps and photos of the site in Google Earth here. Download the Jan2007.kmz file to your PC and open it in Google Earth for a virtual tour. It'll blow your mind.
  • Update on the Archery events. Hafdan has constructed a number of portable target stands and faces. These will be available for use in the archery events from the fort wall. Targets will be from rabbit size to deer size. Hafdan will have in place the popular "Flying Pig" target from Crusades 2006.
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Hafdan Archery Targets
  • Offline and lockdown - After today we will be offline and in lockdown mode to prepare for Con. We will not be answering any but the most essential phone calls or e-mails from here on in. Unless you're communicating with us about Gate Codes, Site Visits or outstanding payments please refer your questions to the 45 pages of info available on the web or save them until you arrive.
  • Gate Codes for Access: The site is kept locked at all times for security purposes.
    Gate code during Event: The Gate Codes that will be in use from Thur 05/0407 to Tue 10/04/07 will be provided to all participants via e-mail 1 week before the event.
    Gate Code for Early Arrivals and Late Departures: The gate codes in use before and after the event for the purposes of Early Arrivals, Late Departures and Site Visits to set up for the event are available on request.
  • Early Arrivals:
    - The event formally begins at 0700 on Friday the 6th April 2007.
    - The site will be open for early arrivals from the morning of Thursday 5th of April 2007.
    - Some long distance travellers have contacted us and have made arrangements to arrive on site on the Wednesday.
    - If you need to arrive before Thursday, please contact us before the end of March so we can provide you with the Gate Codes to access the Site.
    - While our strict policy is to keep the site on lockdown for security and logsitics purposes. We will nonetheless make access to the site available for those groups who want/need the extra time to setup their encampments (but not for recreational weekend visits).
    - Such access will be granted to those groups who contact us before the end of March for such access.
    - Access will be available for those groups on the weekend before the event and a few days ahead of the event
    - If you want to access the site beforehand, please let us know when you plan to be on site and the names who will be in your group and we'll send you the gate codes. The neighbours may ask you for your details at the point of a shotgun and this help us with security.
  • Vehicle access - The soft ground is in pristine condition and we want to keep it that way for the benefit of everyone attending. There will be NO vehicle access down the Greenway or off the main access roads at any time. Some encampments are up to 100m from an access road so we will have a small number of wheel barrows available for participants to use to hump heavy and cumbersome gear to their encampments.
  • PROGRAM -In response to the confirmation of a number of recent Actitivity Submissions by enthusiastic groups, we have now filled in the timeslots in the program and it is available here.
  • Additions to the program
    • Period encampment judging by Sven
    • Period Bow making workshop by Neville Joyce of Hafdan (Bega Valley Archers)
    • The Bayeaux Tapestry hands on workshop by Diamond
    • Development of Medieval Music by Gaudette
    • Period Music Performance by Gaudette
    • Viking wire jewellry by Aimee McLeonard of AAF
    • Warp Weighted Loom Weaving by Aimee McLeonard of AAF
    • Crafting Clothes fittings by Aimee McLeonard of AAF
  • As promised, those ativities that have not attracted any interest or support from participants have been "Cancelled due to lack of interest". This means that they have not been allocated a timeslot and no resources are being committed to them. Of course, this doesn't preclude participants from still enjoying these activities, so if you would like to run these activities you are still welcome to do so under your own steam. In most cases the infrastructure is already in place and in some cases prizes are already available so we encourage all participants who may be interested to enjoy them.
  • Projectile Combat: Sven of the NVG has generously offered his support to help with the Prjectile Combat. He will have a Bow poundage tester, spare arrows, javelins and some spare helms and gorgets.
  • Payment Deadlines and Ticket Cancellations:
    If you can't attend you're still welcome to on-sell your ticket to others. Just let us know who has bought your ticket from you.
    Any person who is still behind in their balance payments, we will assume that you have forefeited your ticket and will not be attending the event, and resources will not be committed for your attendance.
    If you still have an outstanding/overdue payment, please communicate with us ASAP. We will not be negotiating late payments and non-payments at the gate.
  • Registration database Report - Some Hard Numbers: In accordance with our commitment to only offer honest hard numbers and not HYPE, we are pleased to present a Summary Report from the Registration Database as at 17 March 07.
  • XIVAMC2007 Info Pack: Over the next 10 days, all registered participants will be sent their official XIVAMC2007 Info Pack via E-mail. It will contain everything you needto know about being at the event and will contain Driving Directions, Program, Maps, Combat Rules, Safety Information and General information about staying on site. It will be the final bit of information from us about the XIVAMC2007 but should be more than enough for everyone to adequately prepare for the weekend.Including the pages in the Info pack and the Progress reports, there will have been over 90 pages of information about the event published on-line for participants over the past 4 years. We hope that it has been enough. Welcome to the first Paperless Con!



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