May/June 2006 Progress Report

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Mostly Admin and logistics this month

On Site:

  • Jack Frost beds down for winter at The Danelaw: In the few years that we've owned the property, we haven't seen anything like this before. The temperature must have plummeted to far lower than normal. We're accustomed to seeing frost and thin ice sheets on the ground but this time we found thick ice sheets on the tents, and the creeks and ponds were frozen over. The photo below is on the ice that ws on the roof of the tavern. The $2 coin shows the thickness.

    Icesheet June 06
  • Space cleared for Marquee: Parts of the forest have been opened up to accomodate a substantial sized Marquee. Other parts ofthe forest will be similarly cleared to expand the available campsites
    Marquee Site June 06
  • Reception area Completed!: The reception area is 100% complete and just in time for the wet season. Last month we just missed out on having the watertank connected to capture 230mm of rain (according to the rain gauge) that fell on site. This would have provided us with over 25,000L of water which would have overflowed the 22,000L tank. Well, it was only the first drop of the wet season and there's plenty more coming. The reception area has already proved itself as a godsend during sudden rain.
    Reception area June 06


  • Road culverts and drainage: Earthworks on the road surface now 100% complete. To protect the road from runoff, concrete pipes have been laid under the road and culverts dug. The task that is before us is to lay over appoximately 20 tonnes of boulders by hand. These will act as retaining walls around the under road drainage pipes and are to prevent the road from washing away. We have gathered 23 tonnes (Yes 23 back breaking tonnes! ) of rock and we're sure that people will be beating down our doors to offer to help with building the retaining walls with them.

Off Site:

XIVAMC2007 LOGO: The official logo for the XIVAMC2007 has been selected. This logo will appear on official merchandise for the event.
XIVAMC2007 Logo
  • Official Merchandise: Now that the event logo has been selected, the first run of the official XIVAMC2007 merchandise has been ordered from the manufacturer. The first articles will be Polo Shirts and hats. Photos, prices and other details will be posted on the Merchandise Page as soon as they are delivered.
    • A number of competitions have been proposed and requested. To firm these competitions up and to dedicate prizes to them, participants and judges are required.
    • Competitions rely exclusively on the involvement of participants, both as competitors and judges.
    • The list here details the competitions that have been proposed so far and the participants who have committed to help run and/or judge them.
    • By Febuary 2007, the list of competitions will be finalised.
    • To avoid offering any activity that will not go ahead due to lack of participation: Any competition that doesn't receive the support of any participants by then will be published on the Competitions Page as 'Cancelled due to lack of interest'.
Tenders for the XIVAMC2007 Tavern:
    • Tenders are being called from any group who wishes to run the tavern at the XIVAMC2007. While we enjoy running the social hub at other events, as the host group of the XIVAMC2007, we would like to offer the opportunity to another group to put themselves in the spotlight.
    • The Tavern is a central point for social congregation and serves an important role in the supply of refreshing beverages to thirsty participants.
    • There will be only one tavern at the event.
    • The tavern will be placed in a prime location near the marquee and common areas.
    • Criteria that must be met for a successful tender:
      • The tavern will need to be self sufficient. (Includes setup and remove)
      • Drinks to be served by decanting into period drinking vessels (mugs, horns, glassware) at the bar for customer consumption. No bottles or cans are to be handed over. This will avoid unsightly non-period bottles and cans spoiling the ambiance of the event.
      • Tavern staff to set their own prices
      • Tavern staff to select their own range of drinks and other supplementary (and complimentary) snacks (please use the feedback in the Registration Database to help guide you. Supplement it with your own research)
      • Tavern staff to set own hours. You may want to be open during the day.
      • Tavern Staff to provide own:
        • Period Tent (Please provide a photo with your Tender)
        • Ice
        • Lighting (candles, torches, firepit(s), braziers)
        • Tables and Chairs/Benches (if they should choose to offer them)
        • Sign displaying drink prices
        • Concealed rubbish management area during the event. At the end of the event Tavern staff will have to remove all tavern rubbish with them.
    • All tenders must be submitted by e-mail to Danelaw by no later than 31st December 2006. Any submissions in 2007 will not be considered.
    • Tenders will only be considered from registered participants. (There's no point accepting a tender from anyone who hasn't made up their mind if they're coming or not and no-one tolerates an "I'm not coming unless I'm making money out of it" attitude).
    • The successful Tender will be disclosed, in detail (no surprises), to all participants by the 31st January 2007.
    • Tavern staff will sign a site hire form
    • In the event that no-one chooses to tender to run the tavern, the responsibility for running the Tavern will fall back on Danelaw (as the host group) subject to the same criteria as listed above
Markets - Suppliers, Stallholders and Consignments of goods.
    • Bear with us here, it will take a little to explain this one. We want to kill two birds with one stone.
    • Discounts for work - We have received a number of offers of assistance in exchange for a discount on entry fee. Unfortunately, at '$150-per-head-4-days-fully-catered' and the necessary infrastructure that must be hired, we really don't have much room to move on entry fees.
      • Also, since we have been chipping away at the logistics for the event since Easter 2003, there aren't many big jobs left outstanding.
      • Naturally we will ask everyone to chip in for their own benefit during the event to make to as enjoyable for yourselves as possible but there's no really big tasks that we can offer (at this stage with fingers crossed).
    • Goods and Traders at Market day - Market days at the Binannual Re-enactment conferences are an ideal opportunity to pick up all sorts of Gear and supplies to kit yourself out for club and interclub events.
      • Most of us come with extra cash because we know that we'll snap up a bargain or a coveted item.
      • There is a plethora of traders who provide gear that is in high demand by re-enactors but who, for various reasons, are not able or are unwilling to represent themselves at the event, to the detriment of the re-enactor who misses out on the opportunity to purchase sought after items.
    • So (here's how it all comes together):
          • to sweeten the deal for anyone who is looking for a way to help cover their Event fees and;
          • in the interest of having a huge selection of wares available on market day, and;
          • to intice traders who might not normally make their wares available at a metal weapons re-enactment Convention
      • We will use the Merchandise Page to facilitate traders and participants to come together and organise to have consignments of traders goods sold at stalls manned by Participants at the XIVAMC2007 (make Sense?)
      • Traders and participants/stallholders can work out their own renumeration arrangement between them by private treaty. We don't want to get involved in that part
      • The renumeration arrangement may be something like 'in exchange for offering a consignment of goods for sale at a stall a participant may receive from a trader;,
        • a cash payment
        • free items/wares
        • anything else that you may be interested in trading.
      • An astute participant may organise to represent a number of traders and may come off with a great cache for their trouble nad may be able to establish a long term relationship with numerous traders.
      • Over the next few weeks we will be contacting known traders/suppliers around the country who don't usually make their goods available at Re-enactment Conventions to invite them to offer consignments of goods for sale. If they are interested we will list their details on the Merchandise Page so that participants who would like to sell a consignment of goods on market day can contact them to work out an arrangement.
      • The Merchandise Page will be updated as traders and participants seal their deals.
      • It will also keep everyone informed on what will be on offer at the event.
      • We hope that this helps
        • those looking for a way to supplement their Convention Fees
        • all of the participants attending
        • traders to establish a relationship with more re-enactors.

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