July/Aug/Sep 2010

Progress Report

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Information for participants and guests at the XVIARC2011.

Well, it's been 3 months since the last update and we have been busy doing rather than reporting to our guests. We pause now as the long weekend beckons us to the site for Beorgwic for one of our rare opportunities to enjoy the site while we just relax and someone else does the hard work. The reprieve has given us the opportunity to spend some time catching up on our Progress Reports. And here it is. Thanks for you patience.

On Site:

We continue to chip away at our endeavours on site and despite the heavy demands, we continue to weather the all consuming task of the 2011 Con preparations. We still enjoy the good fortune of staying just ahead of schedule (for Now!!) and a number of projects are progressing along nicely. It is also pleasing to see that some of the background work starting to take shape as well.

Fort Parapet
Toilet block

Fort Parapet: We are pleased and relieved to announce that rennovations on the fort papapet are now complete. The parapet was completely stripped down and re-built in just over 2 trips. We would have been glad to squeeze one more event out of the original one, but safety was paramount and remedial patching just wouldn't cut it for a the bi-ennial re-enactment convention. Our guests deserve more than that. So, with that in mind and 4 trailer loads of timber slats later (360 in total), all the necessary decking materials and supporting timbers were freighted down and assembled on site. The Result: A longer lasting and far strudier fort parapet that is expected to outlast the walls. Just a few coats of decking oil await it to be finished and ready for use at the 2011 con.

Tavern: The clearing of vegetation and the marking out of the tavern area has all been finished. The reinforced concrete footings have been poured and have had two winter months to cure. They are ready for the tavern to be built on them. The Tavern is a substantial 8m x 8m structure and the care and time taken to properly and accurately mark and place the footings was a wise choice. This decision will aid us when erecting the heavy framework and will see us pick up some speed when installing it on site. Watch this space as our next update should reveal it literally coming up out of the ground!

Toilet Block: The Toilet block is nearing completion. The delicate and fiddly work involved in decking out the interior is now taking place. Handrails, seating and solid hinged doors have been added as the block is really starting to take an impressive shape. We will be adding a raised gravel floor right around the toilet block to prevent heavy traffic cutting up the ground in times of wet weather. Bring a newpaper with you because once you go in to these cubicles you won't want to leave.

Maintenance & Miscellaneous site work: We continue to repair and dress up items in preparation for con. Footbridges are being remade, sign and marker posts have been repaired and repainted and we have also begun to enclose part of the smithy according to the blacksmiths specifications.

Off Site:

The planning, logistics and administration preparations continue unabated offsite. These are the enduring jobs and work details that the guests don't often notice but they manifest themselves at the event in the form of the added value of finer details and a streamlined and problem free con. We hope that the connoisseurs of quality events among our guests will appreciate them.

September Working Bee
Con Logo

Trophies and Prizes: Once again we have prepared a number of trophies, prizes and certificates for all the wonderful workshops, competitions and activities at the 2011 Convention. Why prepare all this for Workshops and competitions we haven't announced yet I hear you ask? Well we have had a number of wonderful offers from participants so far and will be making some big announcements in coming updates. For now we encourage you to look at some of the wonderful prizes on offer and hopefully we may have just inspired you to compete and participate!

Working Bee: We opted to have a September working bee in Sydney in lieu of a land trip to tackle a few pressing items. Whilst providing a much needed respite from the grinding efforts of a monthly land trip, it did also enable us to comfortably pre fab and repair a number of items less than a hour from our homes for a welcome change! The day saw us primarily involved in pre fabricating the large timber bents and girts that will form the backbone of the tavern structure. Ask us wen you see it finished and we'll explain what they are. This approach offers the potential to save valuable time and effort when constructing it on site. We also took the oppurtunity to repaint both the axe and knife throwing targets and repair the convention notice board. All told it was a very productive day.

Convention Logo: After considering a number of options, we have finally decided to go with a sillouette image of the Sutton Hoo helmet for the 2011 Convention. The image is simple but striking and lends itself readily for embroidery and print. We hope you approve and like it because it will be featuring on all our Convention Merchandise and Award Certificates.

Marquees and Hired Infrastructure: We are please to announce that a supplier has been selected to provide the Hired Infrastructure such as Marquees, Tables and Chairs for the 2011 Convention and that an order has been placed for all of the hired infrastructure. The supplier is once again Penrith Party Hire. For all those groups who would like to hire their own Marquees, Tables, Chairs etc, we welcome and encourage you to place your order with Penrith Party Hire and have your order added to those already booked for delivery to the site for the event. There may be savings available on delivery costs via the combined delivery. You will need to book and pay for your own order seperately. We don't get a cut and we won't mix the Event Finances with anyone's personal order. If you are adding your order to the existing delivery please make sure that you advise us of your order so that we don't send it away on delivery day. Remember, get in quick if you are interested before the truck gets full!

Registration database Report - Some Hard Numbers: In accordance with our commitment to only offer honest hard numbers and not HYPE, we are pleased to present a Summary Report from the Registration Database as it currently stands in September 2010. Be sure to check it out to see all the latest stats and trends. More importantly it gives everybody a fair chance to have a look and see which groups have committed already and those that have not.


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