January/February 2011

Progress Report

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Information for participants and guests at the XVIARC2011.

Our Jan/Feb 2011 update has come out a few weeks late due to an IT glitch that saw us lose all of the data related to the XVIARC2011. We have been forensically reconstructing it from backups and have restored everything thanks to the assistance of an exiled Nigerian Prince who fortunately contacted us during our time of need. If we provided him our banking details, he would help to restore our data and also provide us with $US 4.2 billion dollars that is held in his country's treasury but needs an overseas account number to release it.. We are still waiting on his check to arrive. Fingers crossed.

Greetings Everyone,

These are exciting times for all concerned as we are now entering the final stages of 2011 Convention Preparations. This is our second last update before the Con and only a handful of weeks remain until the event is finally on! If you are still procrastinating about coming along, please take note that "at the gate" rates kick in shortly.

In the meantime we have been busy placing the finishing touches on a number of items on site and are pleased to report on a number of wonderful offsite developments that are now coming to fruition. The progress offsite has meant that the event has really started to take shape and with this update we can share it with you. We, like many others, are eagerly counting the days until the event is officially on!

On Site:

Village: We have been busy putting the finishing touches on a number of constructions and items onsite. This has included the application of brushwood roof coverings to all of the village structures including the tavern and smithy. We're sure you will agree that these final touches certainly complete these structures and will add to the overall ambience of the village area immensely. These shelters will serve as welcome venues for crafts and other organised acitivities during the XVIARC2011. We have also added some wooden walls around the huts as wind breaks, weather protection and as a blank canvas for decorations during workshops and activities. Gravel has also been placed around the Smithy to level the area and to deal with times of wet weather.

Tavern: We have also taken the time to add a gravel floor in the Tavern area to provide a level area for swaying drunks! The inside of the tavern has also seen the addition of bench seats and a permanent bar. We also have constructed a small fire pit inside for atmosphere and warmth.

Toilet Block: While we have announced already that the toilets have been completed Danelaw's obsession with a great place to unwind and unload never truly ends. So we have inexplicably continued to improve the toilets with an additonal coat of paint and lighting. (Danelaw's symbol isn't a Dungbeetle for nothing). We have also transported 2 tonnes of Mulch and an additional tonne of fine sawdust to add to the toilet receptacles to ensure that they operate at their peak as composting toilets so bring a book with you - you won't want to leave. Gravel has also been placed around the toilet block to ensure all weather access in comfort.

We are pleased to report that all the additions we have made in the buildup to the 2011 Con are now complete and ready for use. Our final 2 site trips onsite before the event will see us involved in performing final system checks for the site, the clearing paths, general site cleaning and event preparations.


Off Site:

The preparations and offsite planning for the 2011 convention continue in a number of areas.

PROGRAM - In response to the confirmation of a number of recent Actitivity Submissions by enthusiastic groups, we are now pleased to submit to all participants a comprehensive list of what's on at Con. There 36 scheduled activities in the form of workshops, lectures and competitions and you can view them here. Naturaly there are a lot of unscheduled, unofficial, nocturnal and adhoc activities that our guests have planned to entertain themselves but we won't (and probably shouldn't) list them here. As promised, those activities that do not attract any interest or support from participants have been slotted as Unsupported and may soon be "cancelled due to lack of interest". If you would like to see any of these activities go ahead, please put your hand up to run them. We will then slot them in somewhere.

Activities recently offered by Sven of the White Company: Sven has come on baord with some activities and has provided links to additional information about them.
Knattleikr - Medieval Football. Normally played by 6 per side. (First aiders, please stand by).
Encampent judging outlines. Have a read of Sven's report as tribute to the effort that some groups put into being Historically Accurate. Sven's eagle eyes miss nothing - I feel sorry for the encampment that was brought low by an Easter Egg.

MENU - The official Menu for the XVIARC2011 has been prepared and published here. As you will see, it is chock full of plenty of good things to eat and no-one is going to go hungry. The Saturday and Sunday night feasts contain eleven (yes 11) courses of mixed stuffers and samplers so don't worry if there is a serving on the list that you don't think that you will like. There's plenty of other stuff to gorge on. The menu may undergo some improvements if we receive some genuinely useful and constructive feedback for participants and guests.

Convention Coffee House!!! - Just when we thought we might be missing something to keep everyone PERKY, some wonderful ladies from AAF have stepped forward to run a coffee and tea house for all the participants at the 2011 Convention. On offer are a vast selection of exotic teas and freshly brewed coffees to delight and re-invigorate the most weary of re enactors. Other items available will be ginger bread men and chocolate soldiers to provide some cheap sweets and comforts during the event. You won't be able to miss them as they will be in a prominent position along the Greenway in the main village area. Be sure to stop in for a relaxing coffee or two. Menu, Prices and Coffee shop trading name to be announced soon.

Medieval Fightclub - Medieval Fightclub will be present during the con and will have a large traders tent set up in the main village area during the event. This is expected to be a hive of activity during the markets, and it will be reassuring to know that a number of items will be available on hand for purchase during the event. They will have items such as armour, weapons, costumes, footwear, feasting items and assorted accessories available for purchase. Aaron and Simone are also supporting the event by donating some items towards the convention prizes for the competitions. So be sure to stop by and support them during Con.

Period Tent Hire - Medieval Fightclub has a period tent hire service available for participants during the con. It is an excellent opportunity to secure yourself a quality period tent for camping in a prominent area during the event. Further details can be found by contacting Medieval Fightclub through their website: http://www.medieval-fightclub.com/.

Artifacts Collection - Yes! He's doing it again! Sandy Sempel from Frojel has generously agreed to bring along some of his latest additions to the vast collection of artifacts he has collected over the years. The size of his display will not be as big as 2007 (Which was huuuuuuuge), but you will be pleased that he is happy to bring along a number of his newer items consisting of Viking and Anglo Saxon pieces. Some of the participants from Victoria may have already had the opportunity to see these first hand, but many of us from the other states have not and will be queing up for what is likely to be one of the big attractions of the 2011 Con. Sandy's collection will take pride of place in the marquee area.

Combat archery- Combat archery will be run in two forms.
The first will be the usual "shoot and be shot' format for those who wish to shoot at each other.
The second format will be "The Gauntlet", the ever popular masochistic format in which runners will attempt to dodge a hail of arrows as they attempt to storm the fort without the distraction of actually trying to shoot back at their enemies. Danelaw will have some combat archery armour available for runners to use. if you have your own, please feel free to bring it or your own or shared use. We expect to have 4 sets available from Danelaw plus more from other participants. We need as many shooters as possible to join in with 30 pound bows and as many combat archery arrows as you can get your hands on.

Guests with Special needs - The old "eyeglasses, Ventolin and insulin" debate. We won't be drawn into dialogue on this issue. There is no single individual, nor collective group, attending the event with the foolishness to discriminate against, nor deny access to the event for people with special needs. Most groups in the movement are sensitive to the additional support that people with special needs require to share in the experience of what we do. The strive for Authenticity should not support exclusionism. Period. So we ask anyone attending with special needs to please inform the registration desk of any equipment, or accoutrements that you may be dependant on. This includes wheelchairs, braces, crutches, eyewear (other than ordinary spectacles) that might otherwise draw criticism from other guests from an Authenticity perspective. We will provide you with a marker (piece of wool/ribbon) to identify that your accoutrement has been declared for a special need and will ensure that it draws no criticism from an Authenticity perspective.

Payment and Cancellation deadlines - The window for canceling tickets and asking for refunds is well and truly over (see here).
We have now committed the orders for hired infrastructure based on the numbers registered and will not be issuing refunds from here on in.
If you can't attend you're welcome to on-sell your ticket to others. Just let us know who has bought your ticket from you.
Any person who is still behind in their balance payments, your overdue ticket balance is now at the next higher ticket rate ($50 more).
Those who are affected have been notified by e-mail.
Those who don't address this by 10 April 2011, we will assume that you have forfeited your ticket and will not be attending the event, and resources will not be committed for your attendance.
If you have an outstanding/overdue payment, please communicate with us ASAP. We will not be negotiating late payments and non-payments at the gate.

Official XVIARC2011 Participant information packs - These will be sent out to all participants prior to the next update. They will be sent via e-mail as PDF documents and will have comprehensive information. You will have the opportunity to respond with questions etc prior to the final update. The information packs should contain the last of the information that participants will require to make complete and timley preparations for the event. In the absence of any other significant and/or urgent developments we expect that the release of the Info Packs wll be our last published communication with guests before the final update on 10 April 2011

Offline and lockdown - The final update will be coming out on Sunday 10 April 2011 (less than 2 weeks before the event). After that day we will be offline and in lockdown mode to prepare for Con. We will not be answering phones or e-mails after this date, so be sure to ask all of your outstanding questions before then. Otherwise you will have to ask them at the event. Until then we are still pleased to answer questions and discuss any and all issues.

Registration database Report - Some Hard Numbers: In accordance with our commitment to only offer honest hard numbers and not HYPE, we are pleased to present a Summary Report from the Registration Database as it currently stands in February 2011. Be sure to check it out to see all the latest stats and trends. More importantly it gives everybody a fair chance to have a look and see which groups have committed already and those that have not.



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