January/February 2010

Progress Report

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Information for participants and guests at the XVIARC2011.

On Site:

Levelling Of Marquee Area
Working Bee and Wash bay
Toilets and Merchants Row

Marquee Area: This area has been levelled and smoothed out by machinery to remove the drainage ripples left from the original pine plantation. It involved help from our neighbour once again , who was also kind enough to “smash” another track for access to the back of the marquee area. Strangely, the man with the huge earth mover was surprisingly gentle!

Understand the area is not perfectly level. That would involve retaining walls and we won't be doing that I’m afraid. But the site is now smooth and flat underfoot right across the whole footprint of the marquee and will allow for more stable tables and seating. It's another small improvement from last time and the timely February rains should see the area recover quite well.

Toilet Block:The concrete footings and have been all marked and dug out. They will be concreted next trip. The steel frame has been purchased and assembled. All the necessary pre-fabrication has been completed in Sydney to prepare it for installation and completion in the March and April on site working trips. We will not disclose too much information yet but at this stage it is safe to tell you that it will be a multiple toilet facility adopted from a very successful toilet system that is used at a much larger scale event. Yes we have seen and can vouch it. More details on this one as they come to hand. For those who have a passion for a high standard of toilets for re-enactment events and would a hint on where it is going, we can recommend the The Humanure Handbook by Joseph Jenkins.

Wash Bay: As you can tell; hygiene, convenience and comfort have been a predominant theme for our on site work lately. Scrub has been cleared and a gravel pad laid to keep particiapnts out of the wet while washing up after meals. New purpose built sinks are currently being welded onto substantial steel frames in Sydney. Drainage pipes to dedicated sumps will be added once the sinks are in place.

Smithy and Merchants Row: Now for something Historic! After 8 long years of putting our effort inot non-period structures for the comfort of our guests, we finally have had a chance to turn our attention to our first period structures with roofs. This is a big milestone for the facilities available at the Dunghaven end of the property. We have erected a small roofed period structure for a small trader to ultilise, or to serve as an undercover area for wood stores to feed the bee hives and Smithy. The roof will be added shortly. The smithy itself will be a far more substantial building and has now been prefabbed in Sydney. It is all ready for transport, assembly and installation in our March trip. The addition of this structure should see the village area start to really take shape.

Off Site:

The preparations and offsite planning for the 2011 convention continue in a number of areas.

February Working Bee: With a number of construction projects on the go we took the opportunity to sacrifice our monthly land trip to prefab a number of substantial structures to pick up some speed in March and April. It turned out to be a wise move given the rain the East Coast has been having of late. The working bee focussed mainly on the Smithy and toilet block.

We also constructed another food trencher to speed up our food delivery service and some more basic candle holders for the nightly feasts. Numerous other smaller projects are being tackled by a variety of our members and we can safely say we are on top of a number of items far earlier than we were for 2007.

Numbers so far: 80 Guests have registered so far. Meaning the event continues to grow and is now in full swing. Congratulations to all those who wisely choose to jump in early and secure themselves the best rate. A gentle reminder to be mindful of all balance payment dates. We expect numbers to plateau for a while at this stage until the next price increment approaches us all later in the year.

Registration database Report - Some Hard Numbers: In accordance with our commitment to only offer honest hard numbers and not HYPE, we are pleased to present a Summary Report from the Registration Database as it currently stands in February 2010. Be sure to check it out to see all the latest stats and trends. More importantly it gives everybody a fair chance to have a look and see which groups have committed already and those that have not.

Convention Administration: All payment receipts have now been issued and the database is up to date with feedback and registration forms received. A selection of images have been collected to choose a logo and event token. These will be selected soon.

We continue to receive offers of workshops from prominent reenactors that are attending and are currently collating them all. We will have some major announcements regarding workshops a bit later on. All said there is a lot of hidden work being done (Even in a paperless “E” Con!) to keep things moving. Look out for more news on these fronts in coming updates.


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