January 2013

Progress Report

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Information for participants and guests at the XVIIARC2013.

Greetings All

Welcome to the January 2013 update for the 2013 Con. After having returned our full attention to fruitful outcomes for the benefit of our guests, we are pleased to report on all the work and progress that has been going on behind the scenes over the past month or so. We are particularly pleased that despite all things, the event continues to grow and gather momentum as we have just passed the century mark for the number of participants involved at Con. As always we look forward to continuing the strive towards delivering the best event possible for our guests.

On Site:

  • Major infrastructure projects:
    • Kitchen Annexe extension completed: Our guests, kitchen staff, meal servers and dishwashers will all be pleased with the extension to the kitchen that allows an easier and far more streamlined approach from preparation and cooking to serving and washing up after the meals served to our guests. It includes weatherproofing and plumbing to maximise convenience and to make the work of the kitchen staff much easier.
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      Kitchen Extension


    • Quartermasters Store: The faithful and hardworking canvas tent that served us so well as a Q-store for the past 6 years has finally succumbed to age and the weather and has been mercifully put down. Just like in real life, the old and ugly makes way for the new and beautiful, and a more substantial wooden Q-store has been constructed straddling the grave of the old one. We are pleased to have the new Q-store completed. It will store food and supplies during the 2013 Con and will offer sheltered storage during non-event times. The occasional drunk, disorientated and desperate (the three Ds) re-enactor will probabaly even try to sleep in it on occasion - may it serve them well.
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      Quartermasters Store

Quick Wins:

    • Clearing and Mowing: The event is drawing nigh so we made a start on clearing campsites of overgrowth, undergrowth and sideways growth to make camping areas, access tracks, facilities and communal areas more accessible and comfortable. For the first time since we bought the property ten years ago we mowed the grassed areas outside the tavern with a lawn mower. It has made an impressive difference and will make passing out face down on the ground in the beer garden an experience you will want to do again and again.
    • 1 1 1 1 1 1
      Clearing Mowing


    • Logs logs and more logs: We have commenced construction of a substantial pyre from logs that are now beyond their useful life in other constructions on site. The pyre that they are contributing to will serve as the platform for a re-enactment that will appeal to a highly overlooked demographic amongst our guests: If you still think our authenticity is not extreme enough then Watch in horror as we burn a young girl alive for having hiccups in a re-enactment we call "Joaning". (volunteers needed).
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Off Site:

  • Music to calm the savage beast: Torin king, Professional Harpist (http://torinking.com) has been engaged to share his talents for the pleasure of our guests. Torin King is a modern day minstrel. With his Celtic Harp slung across his back he travels far and wide, enchanting audiences everywhere with his magical music and stories. A servent of the Old Gods, Torin has devoted his life to the study and promotion of the traditional music and culture of Northern Europe. He blends ancient traditions with modern influences and is particularily known for his sensitive and inovative interpretations of Celtic and Nordic Faery tunes. The Lake Macquarie Post has called him a “King of the Celtic Harp”, while the Newcastle Herald said he has “breathed new life into an ancient instrument”. My own wife says "He's hot to trot and if we ever break up, tell him to give me a call". Torin has released 3 CDs of harp music and has lectured widely on Celtic and Nordic spirituality. He has also appeared on radio and television and his music has been featured in documentaries and films.
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    Torin King


  • Easter Egg Hunt: This one's for the kids. We will once again be supplying Easter Eggs for the kids to hunt so they aren't missing out on the Easter Treat.


  • April Fools: This one's for the jokers amongst our guests. Easter Monday is April Fools Day. April fools gags are to be executed before Midday and will be voted on by our guests at Monday Lunch. The "winner" will be repaid in kind with an envigorating egging by everyone else (like a good old fashioned stoning but with eggs). We will have some eggs available but BYO eggs please to ensure that there is plenty to be thrown.


  • The Dragons Breath Tavern: The Dragon's Breath Tavern will once again be in operation and available to all our guests during Con. It will be run by XVIIARC2013 Staff to ensure that all your refreshing beverages are available to enjoy in the comfortable ambiance of the Tavern each day. The Dragon's Breath Tavern has lush outdoor areas to relax in the sun and warm and dry indoor areas for when it is cold or wet. The indoor fire is a premium spot to enjoy your drinks in the company of friends. But, to the disappointment of many, we sadly confirm there will be no Cruisers available this time!


  • Feast Menus: The XVIIARC2013 Feast Menus have been nominated and is available for comment and suggestion here. We will make changes based on feedback received and the preferences of the majority of our guests. Please send your comments and suggestions to: xviiarc2013@danelaw.org.au


  • Convention Administration - Registration and Payments: All payment receipts have been issued over the past few days and the database is up to date with all the participants feedback and registration forms received so far. If you have not been sent a receipt for payment by now it means that we have no record of your registration and payment so the responsibility falls to you to chase it up. We have had a handful of payments still come in without reference nor registration. These are no good to us and we have not been able to progress these. If you are certain that you have registered and/or paid then please find your copies and we encourage you to make contact with us so we can get it straightened out.


  • Convention Administration: Payment Deadlines and Staff Rates: With The $200 Early Bird Rate well and truly over, the $250 Prepaid Rate now applies until the last day of February. Be smart, get in early. We are pleased to announce that we now have enough offers of support from people looking to attend as staff. We have filled all primary duty allocations and will not be seeking anymore. Thank you to everyone who has approached us to offer support and to work their way through Con. We appreciate your contribution. This is our third Con as hosts, and we recognise that your support will help free us up to attack some other duties during the event. This takes the pressure off a small number of people who are often worked in to the ground and by sharing the load gives the Con staff a chance to enjoy part of the event themselves. Throughout the event we will look to our guests to co-operate with staff and other guests to chip in where they can and help to make the event the best it can possibly be.


  • Numbers So Far: 105 Guests have now registered and paid in full so far. It is pleasing to see so many independent re-enactors also choosing to attend. We ask everyone to make them welcome. We did expect numbers to plateau for a while until the next price increment approaches in late Feb 2013, but we were wrong. Congratulations to all those who have wisely chosen to jump in early and secure themselves the best rate possible. For everyone else who hasn't yet paid, the Prepaid ($250) rate now applies.

Registration database Report - Some Hard Numbers: In accordance with our commitment to only offer honest hard numbers and not HYPE, we are pleased to present a Summary Report from the Registration Database as at 01 Feb 2013.


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