January 2007 Progress Report

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On Site:

  • Camping Areas: A current Map of Camping Areas are available here and further details about each campsite is available here. The latest campsite to be cleared was by the Pike and Musket Society who were on site this month.

Off Site:

  • Long Awaited Menu update
    There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes on the Menu and a lot of feedback has been received. The menu amendments from late Dec06 are available here . We're still collating and processing the detailed feedback that we have been given over the first two weeks of Jan 07 so it hasn't been incorporated here yet. Keep your hats on it's coming.
  • Sandy Sempel (from Frojel Gotlantica Viking Re-enactment) and his extensive Artefact Collection
    Sandy Sempel has generously offered to bring his extensive Artefact collection to the XIVAMC2007 for the enjoyment of his fellow re-enactors. The collection consists of several thousand artifacts collected from various sources. There are 25 display cases, measuring 100 X 500 X 900 cm. Or 70 feet of display if lined up.
    It covers Anglo Saxon, Rus and Medieval eras and the items come from such widely diverse sources as a private Collection of Anglo Saxon Items most of which were sold from a deceased estate.
    - This collection also contained a few Gotlandic and Birka items collected before the laws in Sweden changed. (Back in 1930) also some from Finland and Russia as well as Germany and Denmark.
    - There are some items from York.
    - Even a bronze casters hoard of scrap including Roman coins and broken bronze jewellery.
    - Hand axes from Norway, Sweden and Denmark,
    - Spears from Germany and Sweden.
    - Complete Necklaces of real beads even the famed "Birka buttons" on a necklace.
    - Tools, locks and jewellery. Bracelets with the glass stone still in them.
    - An arming cap from Denmark from the 12 Century.
    - Real silver coins and cut coins from England, Denmark and Persia.
    - Pottery shards and lamps. Glass and ceramic.
    - Complete belts of decorations ( Two ) Tunic closers, silver rings.
    - In addition there is a collection of hundreds of copies of artifacts from the periods that have been cast from museum molds of the originals that shows the items as they would have looked at the time. These items have been cast in metal according to the original formulae of of the time and the metals used in the artifacts. Having between 2 and 10% silver content. They include the original animal heads from Roma Gotland (Site of the Gotlandic althing) and oval brooches from Sigtuna cast from the original in clay molds using the true Viking methods. Yes you can see the marks of the burnt out linen used to fill the mold.
    All in all this is now probably the largest collection in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • 1 1 1 1
    Frojel Display
    1 1 1 1
    Frojel Display
  • Program update (available here)
    In recent weeks, a lot of support has been pledged to run numerous non-combat activities. Please take careful note of those activities that have been suggested but have no pledged support. These activities require your support otherwise they will not be allocated resources and worse still, may be cancelled due to lack of interest. (Don't think we won't and you'll only have yourselves to blame).

    We want to fill up the different streams in the program: Historical/Cultural, Arts/Crafts, Games, Competitions, Kids Activities and Miscellaneous. Those streams that are lacking in activites will be collapsed/amalgamated. If no-one from your group has put their hand up to contribute anything to the 2007Con, put yourselves in the limelight and become involved. It's YOUR convention. Don't spend it just staring at each other.

    Have a good look around you, at your peers in the movement, and encourage those with knowledge, skills, experience, or those with enthusiasm, pride in what they do, and/or outright CHUTSPAH to showcase themsevles and their club.

    As in the past the PERKY KAIMAKI will be serving mouth watering delights at a small cost including:
    - coffees
    - teas
    - chocolates
    - Turkish delight
    - baklava
    PERKY KAIMAKI will be a chill out zone as it has always been recognised for.
    Since the event is fully catered the PERKY KAIMAKI will not be doing any other meals.
  • Registration database Report - Some Hard Numbers: In accordance with our commitment to only offer honest hard numbers and not HYPE, we are pleased to present a Summary Report from the Registration Database as at 24 Jan 07.

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