December 2012

Progress Report

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Information for participants and guests at the XVIIARC2013.

Greetings All

Welcome to the December 2012 update for the 2013 Con in which we answer the question on everyone's lips.

After a tumultuous 6 months of being distracted by social, bureaucratic and administrative unpleasantries, we are pleased to confirm to all of our registered and pending guests that the 2013 Con will indeed be going full steam ahead. Having concluded other necessary business, your Con Committee and event hosts have returned our full attention and energies to more fruitful outcomes for the benefit of our guests. From this point forward, we will set our priorities and dedicate our efforts towards delivering the best event possible for our guests. Everything else can wait.

On Site:

  • Major infrastructure projects:
    Due to the time and effort that has been invested over the past 6 months to deal with our formal dispute with the ALHF and the actions of some ALHF members, we regret to report to our guests that no major projects on site has been progressed for your benefit. We would like it to have been otherwise but could not progess a neceassary conclusion any faster than was achieved. There may yet still be time to pull something out of the fire in regards to new additions, but our focus will now get back to completing unfinished projects and preparing the site for Con. We are confident the site once prepared will stand up again for your increased comfort, whether we can manage another structure or not! Please also take comfort that the issues that have held us up for 6 months are no longer an obstacle and won't get in the way in the future.


  • The Question on everyone's lips: What does the human waste of 200 re-enactors over 6 days look like after 18 months of composting on site? As confident as we were about the capabilities of the composting toilets on site during the 2011 Con we still bit our nails this month before emptying them out. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the contents of the toilets, including toilet paper and toilet rolls had broken down into an inoffensive dry compost that was rich in organic nutrients. It was so well broken down that you could handle it with your bare hands but it still tasted terrible. It has been transferred to some garden beds where it is producing some extraordinary flowers and produce. We'll see if we can have some samples available at Con. It just goes to show, true to the nature of our Dungbeetle Mascot, the harder you dump on Danelaw the more resolved we are to pull something positive out of it.
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Composted Waste

Off Site:

  • Marquees and Hired Infrastructure: We are pleased to announce that a supplier has been selected to provide the Hired Infrastructure such as Marquees, Tables and Chairs for the 2013 Con and that an order has been placed for all of the hired infrastructure. The supplier is once again Penrith Party Hire. For all those groups who would like to hire their own Marquees, Tables, Chairs etc, we welcome and encourage you to place your order with Penrith Party Hire and have your order added to those already booked for delivery to the site for the event. There may be savings available on delivery costs via the combined delivery. You will need to book and pay for your own order separately. We don't get a cut and we won't mix the Event Finances with anyone's personal order. If you are adding your order to the existing delivery please make sure that you advise us of your order so that we don't send it away on delivery day. Remember; get in quick if you are interested before the truck gets full!


  • Convention Tokens: A design has been selected, the initial run has been being successfully cast and the results are pleasing. We won't give too much away but the design is unique and striking. We're confident that all our guests will consider them to make a worthy addition to their "Bling Necklaces" from all the events our guests have attended. The token has been designed and superbly hand crafted by Roy Castel with castings by Sandy Sempell. Congratulations on another quality jewellery item Roy and Sandy. While we won't reveal the complete design for a fair while yet, we are pleased to release the following close up teaser images as a testament to the detail of the piece. To give an idea of the level of detail, one of the images below is of a colonoscopy at the same magnification (guess which one and please don't say we didn't warn you). Our apologies to the rest of you but you will just have to wait a wee while longer for a complete picture. Our apologies also to those of you who had your face pressed against the screen when the colon shot came up.
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Teasers - you've been warned!
  • Convention Trophies Prizes and Certificates: Preps in a number of areas continue and we are pleased to present the progress with all the Con Trophies , prizes and certificates. Here on display are specific samples for the Archery Competition. Our heartfelt thanks once again to Nathan from Cahal for producing the print of the certificates for us and production of a wide range of trophies is again in full swing for a number of competitions and activities .We have also received generous offers of support from a number of traders willing to donate some items as prizes. Be sure to get involved as there will be a number of great items up for grabs just like in 2011!
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Trophies & Certificates


  • Workshops: We continue to receive offers of workshops from prominent reenactors that are attending and are currently collating them all. We will have some major announcements regarding workshops a bit later on. Some of the Workshop offers we have received so far are: Basic leatherwork, Forging, Brewing and I33 workshop. We are still looking for any others interested in running workshops and helping out with activities. We are always willing to back up and support those putting their hands up to help out.
    • Stoccata Workshops: Paul Wagner from Stoccata has graciously agreed to attend con and run a number of Stoccata workshops. He will be down with us at Easter and will host workshops in both Sword and Buckler and Quarterstaff over separate days. Paul is an excellent instructor that is internationally renowned and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in these 2 disciplines. It is a great boost to have him both attend and participate , and he will be equipped to instruct all interested parties including beginners. Further details on Paul and Stoccata can be found here: Further details on the workshops he will be running can be found below:
      • Sword and Buckler according to I.33: Royal Armouries Manuscript I.33 is an anonymous German manuscript now in the collection of the Royal Armouries in Leeds. It is extremely significant as the earliest known surviving fencing manual, having been dated to the late 13th century, and presents a unique window into to world of early medieval combat. I.33 deals exclusively with the use of the single handed sword and buckler, a small, round shield held by a “punch grip” in the left hand. It offers a sophisticated, and potent fighting style with a clear, aggressive tactical structure. This class will present a brief introduction to the fundamental concepts and tactical approach of I33
      • English Quarterstaff: The English quarterstaff was a stout, wooden pole, usually of oak or ash, around 8 foot long. It was thus a solid and relatively heavy piece of wood, designed to disable an opponent with a single effective strike. All the great English fencing masters recognized the quarterstaff as superior to any other weapon in single combat, even other two-handed Pole arms, as Zachary Wylde wrote “for a Man that rightly understands it, may bid defiance, and laugh at any other Weapon”. This class will cover the primary principles, attacks and defences of English quarterstaff.


  • “Chips”: After a number of recent feelers and enquiries , we are also pleased to confirm that “Chips” – The old Silver Fox, will be attending again for the 3rd time. In another great boost , he will again be set up across from the Tavern tinkering away during the event with a variety of leatherwork and jewellery items. It is great to have him on board again and his presence is another worthy addition to all the action and activity taking place past the timeline , up at the front end. We look forward to seeing you again soon Chips , but we are not the only ones!
  • Traders:
    • Medieval Fightclub Trader Stall: We are pleased to announce that Medieval Fightclub will again have a large traders tent set up for the entire event in a prominent position along the Greenway. They will have a large array of items on hand for sale during the event and will be on hand for any orders or collections during the event. Items on hand will include a variety of weapons , armour , feasting gear , costumes , footwear and everyday accessories such as buttons , clasps and toggles. They can also arrange for the hire of ( Pre arranged) period tents if you need or desire. Be sure to stop by and support them as incidentally, they are just one of the traders stumping up to donate some of the wonderful competition prizes as well.
    • If there are any other 3rd party traders and vendors that wish to highlight their attendance at con , then Pls drop us a line as we will be happy to include you in future updates.


  • Convention Administration - Registration and Payments: All payment receipts have been issued over the past few days and the database is up to date with all the participants feedback and registration forms received so far. If you have not been sent a receipt for payment by now it means that we have no record of your registration and payment so the responsibility falls to you to chase it up. We have had a handful of payments come in without reference nor registration. These are no good to us and we have not been able to progress these. If you are certain that you have registered and/or paid then please find your copies and make contact with us to get it straightened out.


  • Convention Administration - Peak Body Chosen: The XVIIARC2013 will be run under the authority and requirements of the Australian Re-enactors Association ( As the event hosts, we have made the decision that the best interests of our guests, the 2013Con itself, our long term work at the Danelaw as a Con venue for the third time and counting, as well as our own members long term objectives are, at this time, best supported and represented by the ARA. To ensure that our guests are not disadvantaged by this decision, Danelaw have paid the ARA Guest Membership Fee for all guests of the 2013Con that have registered and paid for the event as at 01 Jan 2013. A Q&A concerning the XVIIARC2013 and the ARA can be found here. What real impact does it have on on our guests and re-enactors generally? It's about as much impact as choosing between Coke and Pepsi.


  • Numbers So Far: 87 Guests have registered and paid in full so far. Meaning; the event continues to grow and is now back on in full swing and earnest. This is pleasing considering only 2 Danelaw members have registered so far (We continue to hedge our Bets). We expect numbers to plateau for at this stage until the next price increment approaches in Feb 2013. Congratulations to all those who have wisely chosen to jump in early and secure themselves the best rate possible. For everyone else who hasn't yet paid, the Prepaid ($250) rate now applies.


  • Registration database Report - Some Hard Numbers: In accordance with our commitment to only offer honest hard numbers and not HYPE, we are pleased to present a Summary Report from the Registration Database as at 31st Dec 2012. .

We expect to have some bigger and more exciting news over the next couple of months. We will have more news on con merchandise, entertainment, and menu.


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