December 2009 Progress Report

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Information for participants and guests at the XVIARC2011.

On Site:

Clearing for Toilet Block
Gravel pad at Showers
Clearing for Merchants Row

Maintenance: We have now completed the maintenance program we set out for all the current infrastructure in place (in one less trip less than we originally anticipated). This has allowed us to make a start on improvements and additions to the modern facilities. On the next trip (January 2010) we can really begin to sink our teeth into the main village area and we look forward to making some substantial gains.

Showers: The ground around the shower block has been raised and graveled to improve drainage and eliminate mud underfoot in the area.

Toilet Block: Scrub has been cleared to accommodate a new toilet block. A multiple toilet facility is being located near the shower block and a short walk from the main village area. More details on this one as they come to hand.

Wash Bay: Scrub has been cleared and a gravel pad constructed to accommodate a dedicated area for a wash bay for dishes and plates etc.

Smithy and Merchants Row: We have cleared and extended the area to the side of the Greenway beyond the beehives for a Merchants Row.This clearing will also incorporate the area for the Smithy which we will begin constructing next month.

Off Site:

Preparations and planning for the 2011 convention are now in full swing.

Event tokens: We have begun to source ideas for both the convention tokens and official logo for the XVIARC2011. Options and a final decision will be made in the new year. Roy Castell of Castle D Feu Jewelry has been engaged once again to provide us with the official event tokens. Roy has a long history of making high quality Viking, Celtic & Medieval Jewellery Reproductions and anyone who has been around the Australian Living History Movement can vouch for his work and his continuous contributions to the movement. Some of Roys work can be seen here

Numbers so far: 48 Guests have registered so far. That's an encouraging start for an event that has only been official for less than 4 weeks - It became official on 29 Nov 09 and we have had more guests register than we expected in such a short time frame. The XVIARC2011 is now 16 months away and it is particularly encouraging since only a small number of the registered guests so far are from the XVIARC2011 Committee and host group.

Registration database Report - Some Hard Numbers: In accordance with our commitment to only offer honest hard numbers and not HYPE, we will pleased to present a Summary Report from the Registration Database in January 2010. We'd get it out sooner but to do so would oblige our committee members to spend time updating the XIVARC2011 database and summary report during Christmas and that is precious family time for all of us so you'll just have to wait for it. Just a few weeks and we'll let you know when it's on line.

XIVAMC2007 Convention Video: A brief video from the 2007 Convention can be found here. It's well worth a look to see the many different people and activities that were at the XIVAMC2007. You may just see yourself and be reminded of what a good time you had.


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