Nov/Dec 2006 Progress Report

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On Site:

  • Camping Area cleared by Sydney Ancients: The Sydney Ancients were on site clearing their Encampment. It is amazing just how much work a small group of determined individuals can achieve with a "can do" attitude and the help of a D9 Bulldozer. Other Areas have been further cleared and prepared for the 2007 Con. Maps of Camping Areas are available here and further details about each campsite is available here.
    Ancients Camp Nov 06
  • Beehive Ovens: The much anticipated beehive ovens are nearly done. They have been setup in the communal area just across from the Marquee Site so and will be available for the use of anyone interested in trying some authentic baking or roasting. As shown in the photos below, we tried roasting a medium size child that we were told was Grain Fed but the results were less than satisfactory. If anyone has any suitable recipes that might produce a more tender result please send them to us so that we don't waste the rest of the carcass.
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Beehive Ovens Dec 06

Off Site:

  • Stocktake of Achievements to Date: It's that time of year to reflect on what the past twelve months has brought us and in response to continued supportive and critical feedback we think it appropriate to highlight what has been achieved so far.
    • With 4 months still to go:
      • On Site:
        • The fort is done and what a fort it is!
        • Other combat terrain has been constructed and proven (Three-way, Tournament Ring and The Gauntlet)
        • Camping areas are cleared and designated to groups who want a reserved area
        • Some groups have established long term encampments
        • Showers and toilets are in place
        • The archery range and targets have been done (including a moving target courtesy of HAFDAN)
        • The beehive ovens have been built
        • Bridges, stone walls and wicker fences have been constructed to add to the ambiance
        • Water and power have been made available to the kitchen and reception area
        • Stumps have been removed from Combat and communal areas
        • Seating has been installed
      • Off Site:
        • Marquees and hired infrastructure have been sourced and groups can add their own hired infrastructure to the order
        • Competitions have been proposed, and judges and facilitators have come forward for some comps.
        • Prizes have been purchased and others are on order
        • Other offers of help have been coming in to host activities and provide support work
        • Combat and Tournament Rules have been agreed on
        • Official Merchandise has been manufactured, samples received and items are available for order
        • There are over 30 pages of information on the event now available on the web plus a whole lot of photos and maps
        • Accurate and honest attendance numbers have been published and are available to date
        • 90% of registrations are processed and completed
        • ... and yes, you're right, the menu and prgram have not not been finalised but they haven't been ingnored nor forgotten. With all that we have achieved so far, we think that we deserve your faith that we won't screw up the menu.


  • Registration database Report - Some Hard Numbers: In accordance with our commitment to only offer honest hard numbers and not HYPE, we are pleased to present a Summary Report from the Registration Database as at 28/12/06.


  • 2009 Con - Call for Bids/Tenders/Expressions of interest: We are asking all groups and individuals who are interested in hosting the 15th Australian Medieval and Re-enactment Convention in 2009 (the XVAMC2009), to put forward their Bids/Tenders/Expressions of interest. The hosts for the 2009 Con will be voted for at the XIVAMC2007 in Easter next year so it is important for those groups interested in hosting the 2009 Con to get their act together early, put out some information and get the support of the rest of the movement otherwise, come this Easter, we will all be voting for a pig-in-a-poke. Danelaw, as hosts of the XIVAMC2007, are not decision makers on this issue and while we will be pleased to communicate any groups Bids/Tenders/Expressions of interest in the Progress reports leading up to Easter next year we encourage all groups to put the word out to the rest of the movement themselves. (We announced our interest in running the 2007Con in Jan '05). A well thought out bid should contain the following information:
    • Who - Who is making the bid?
      What - What is it that you are offering (inclusions/exclusions)?
      Where - State, City and Venue if known
      When - Starting and finishing dates (Easter 2009?).
      Why - Approach to the event
      $ How (Much) - proposed ticket prices.

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