December 2005 Progress Report

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It's been another busy year preparing for the XIVAMC2007, both on and off Site.

On Site:

  • Reception area: A significant part of 2005 has been spent constructing a 10m x 11m Reception area. This is a non-period structure that will house the Registration and Admin areas during the event as well as playing host to numerous activities during including workshops and seminars. It will also make possible activities that are dependant on modern conveniences such as lighting, power and AudioVisual/IT technology. The Colorbond roof will serve to collect water for the event for storage in an adjacent tank. The roof offers 110m2 of roof space. With an average annual rainfall of 765mm on site, there is the potential to collect 84,120L of water each year. Now where can we get a tank that big?
  • Reception area as at 11 Dec 2005

Safety Rails on Fort: Stage one of the fort was completed a few months ago with outer walls reaching over 8ft high and internal parapets 1.3m wide and about 1.5m off the ground. After reviewing how far it was to fall from the parapets, we decided to add safety barriers along the inside edge of the parapets. These will allow everyone to focus on the combat at hand and not worry so much about taking a tumble. We’ll keep you posted about further developments on the fort but bear in mind we won’t give away all the forts’ secrets.

  • Fort as at 11Dec2005

Campsites identified: We have been exploring many of the areas within easy distance to the access roads in all kinds of weather to identify the best camping spots and to rule out any areas that are too wet for camping. There are extensive camping areas suitable for all kinds of encampment types but space will still be at a premium. This is mainly because groups have been contacting us to inform us that they need up to 50m x 30m for their encampments. (How do you transport such large tents?) We will be relocating the archery range, (near the Sydney Ancients encampment) to the far side of the creek to free up a large open and cleared section that is centrally located to the entire site. Danelaw had intended to annex this area for our own encampment but we will now surrender it for what will most likely be Dark Age P
eriod encampments. We will accommodate large encampments in order of Registration (First Come Best Dressed) and the latecomers will be in the less convenient spots further from Access roads. So don’t let the big boys push you to the side, get in early an pick a spot now!

Work on Encampments: Some groups have begun clearing and setting up their encampments with fire pits and other period conveniences. We encourage everyone for whom it is convenient to do so.

Permanent encampments: We’re glad that some groups have decided to take advantage of our offer to accommodate permanent encampments and make use of site access over the next 18 months leading up to Easter 2007. While some groups have only recently chosen a site for their permanent encampment, others, such as Uppsala, are in the “Town planning” stages and have commenced construction of well researched period huts and communal buildings. At this rate, there should be an impressive number of period features being showcased by a number of groups. We wish them luck with their efforts. It’s a hard slog and their hard efforts will add the ambiance and enjoyment of everyone.They deserve praise for taking it on.

Major earthworks on access road: Pipes, Drains, Culverts and many tonnes of fill have been used to divert water, raise and level the road, and to provide easy access for all vehicle types in all kinds of weather. Those of you that have been to the site before know that the section of road between Dunghaven and Beorgwic has been a bug bear for sometime. This has been particularly evident during times of heavy rain. The upgrading of the road will allow better access and enable the numerous water courses to flow under the road and follow their natural course without cheese grating the road. There's still lots more to do though.

Site Access: Combination locks have been fitted to the gates to give access to groups wanting to visit the site or to work on their encampments without the need for keys.

Kitchen Equipment: We have recently bought 4 gas stove/oven combinations and have had them converted to LPG for use in the Kitchen. These will serve to cook many of the culinary delights on offer. We hope to add some traditional beehive and sod ovens over the next year.

Hot Water: We’ve moved ahead in leaps and bounds in hot water provision. The shower block will be served with Hot Water via some recently purchased Instantaneous Gas hot water systems that we have also had converted to LPG for the convenience of all participants.


Registration database an online registration: After a considerable investment in time and effort our database developer has finally launched our online registration facility and registration database. The system is Excell based so it uses a common platform that most people have access to. The Registration forms capture over 100 different pieces of information to help us to cater an event to the preferences of you, the participant. Furthermore, in accordance with our open information policy, we will regularly publish updates from the database for everyone to view such as:

- Count of Persons attending by State
- Count of persons attending by Gender
- Count of Attendance Type
- Count of Persons attending by Age groups
- Count of Persons attending by Arrival/Departure Day
- Count of Persons attending by Encampment Type
- Summaries of preferences for Activities
- Summaries of preferences for Refreshing beverages.
- Summaries of Special Requirements.

So please, take the time out fill in the Registration form completely. The information gathered helps us to cater for you and helps other to know what to expect.
No individual or personal details will be published from the database, but without naming names, it will provide a general snapshot of who’s keen, who’s missing and just how late everyone always leaves their preparations. You won’t need to concern yourself about thinking ”I’m only going if “they” are going”. It’s all out in the open..

Registration information: Information gathered via the Registration forms and external feedback is being collated, and queried to get as much use from your comments as possible.

Workshops: We have been approached by a number of participants who are interested in running workshops and special activities. We are liaising with them to provide as much support for them as possible. More news to follow shortly.

Event Tokens: The official event token design has been selected and will be produced by Roy Castell of Castle D’ Feu Jewelry. Roy has a long history of making high quality Viking, Celtic & Medieval Jewellery Reproductions and anyone whose been around the Australian Living History Movement can vouch for his work. Roy is enthusiastic about producing the Tokens for the XIVAMC2007 and is proposing to produce a pendant for men and a brooch for women. Some of Roy’s work can be seen here

Infrastructure Hire: We have been liaising with hire companies for the provision of the Grand marquee and mini-marquees for those who want them. This will include the hire of smaller of items such as smaller tents, tables and chairs etc. You will be able to oder them directly from the supplier with options from "supply only" or "supply and erect". This means: Turn up and walk right in. Although there is an extra cost for this, they are provided to offer participants more choice and a level of convienience to those people traveling vast distances to attend the event.

Discount Rate Deadline: The cutoff date for the $150 Premature4Day rate is 31 Dec 2005. To take advantage of this super low price you need to Register and send your Deposit in by the end of this year. From 01 Jan 2006, the $200 Early Bird Rate applies. For further details please refer to the Registration Page

Numbers so far: As at the 15th December 2005, 21 people have Registered from NSW, Vic and WA. (Yes! that means Western Australia!). It's a great start for an event that is 18 months away and it is particularly encouraging since only 4 of the XIVAMC2007 Committee have registered yet. But we will before Dec 31, you can bet on that!

We will commit ourselves to backing up all of our attendance anouncements with hard numbers, in the form of a Registration Database Summary Report (watch out for it early in the New Year!).

We are aware now, based on advice from numerous past Convention/Conference Committees, that most (~90%) of people leave their bookings to the last minute (last 30 days actually) so we expect to see plenty of last-minute registrations as deadlines approach and expect typically quiet times for Registrations in between. The steady stream of registrations this early puts the XIVAMC2007 in strong standing so far!


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