March/April 2006 Progress Report

In the few months since the last update:

On Site:

Reception area: The reception area is 95% complete with the addition of Guttering and a 22,000L rainwater tank (to be installed next month). The reception area has been huge task but offers a lot for the effort that we have put into it. We're glad to get this project out of the way so we can concentrate on some quick wins and period structures.
Reception area 01April2006
Fort Reinforcement: Many people have commented that the fort didn't look substantial enough so we have done some work to reinforce it. No, we won't give out details.
Fort as at 11Dec2005

Work on Encampments: Uppsala and AAF have made progress on their encampments. Keep up the good work.
Major earthworks on access road: Earthworks on the access road are now 90% complete. This included the laying of many tonnes of coarse gravel to toughen up the surface. Large sections of the 5km access road have been graded and patched up. That's right, it only keeps getting better.
Hot Water: New gas hotwater systems have been installed to provide instantaneous hot water for the showers and the kitchen. Just turn the tap and hot water comes out. It's never been so easy.
Toilets: More toilets and more toilets. We know it seems like an obsession but you'll thank us later.


Numbers: Registrations have now broken the 90+ mark. Please refer to the Registration Database Report by clicking Here

XIVAMC2007 Discount Rate Deadline:
PREMATURE RATE: The cutoff date for the $150 Premature4Day rate is well and truly over. Congratulations to the majority of people who took advantage of such a bargain. In accordance with the published pricing structure, you need to pay the balance of the Premature Rate by Easter 2006 to validate the Premature Rate otherwise the next rate (Earlybird Rate) will apply. Please don't miss out.
EARLYBIRD RATE: For those who haven't registered and paid a deposit yet, the EARLYBIRD RATE now applies. To take advantage of this super low price you need to Register and send your Deposit in by the end of this year (2006). Please refer to the published pricing structure for futher details.

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