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The objective of the The Danelaw is to create a venue for all types of re-enactment that:

  • will be the venue of choice for a variety of events
  • has permanent Period structures, features and terrain
  • promotes and advances re-enactment and raises the standards of re-enactment across Australia
  • encourages diversity of interests and activities
  • will not limit the scope and focus of individual groups activities
  • allows groups to expand their interests and focus to include long-term projects that require or are dependant on a permanent site
  • is affordable for all groups to make use of
  • will serve as a valuable resource for the Movement in general


Dunghaven The Motion Picture

Danelaw's slapstick Intro/Promo video of the property from 2003. A little "cheeky" like the rest of Danelaw, but well worth a look. As it captures archival footage of the property before we even turned over our first sod.

Features that can be seen from the video include original filming shots of areas now known as the Greenway, Marquee area and Main access road. A great indication of just how far the site has come since it's original inception. 


Part 1 

Dunghaven Part 1

Part 2  

Dunghaven Part 2


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