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Re-enactment Groups

Danelaw is proud to affiliate itself with other re-enactment groups whose objectives and approach to re-enactment go beyond just "living history". Below are links to a number of other re-enactment groups across Australia who are true ambassadors for re-enactment by promoting the following principles within their groups:

  • welcoming newcomers, members of other groups and the public
  • respecting the reasons why others participate in re-enactment
  • encouraging others to broaden their interests
  • fostering an inclusive, rather than exclusive culture amongst re-enactors

Ancient Arts Fellowship : A Medieval metal weapons group in Canberra

Hrafnild: A Medieval metal weapons group in Sydney

James Adams groups: A number of Medieval metal weapons groups across Sydney that are collectively known as "Jim's Army"

Rowany: An SCA barony for the Greater Sydney Area

Stowe on the Wowlde: An SCA shire for the Western Sydney Area

The Black Ravens: A Medieval metal weapons group based in Sydney.

Uppsala : A Medieval metal weapons group based in Sydney.

Sword Play: School of Theatrical Fencing and Stage Combat.


Other Re-enactment Organizations

ARLHO: A complete list of Living History Groups is available on the Australian Register of Living History Organizations

ALHF: The Australian Living History Federation is body that represents, supports and unites many living history groups across Australia.

SCA Australia: The home of the Society for Creative Anachronisms in Australia.



Medieval Weaponry: Medieval Weapon supplier

Viking Drinking Horns: Imported by Martin Planert. Viking Drinking Horns, naturally grown, hand polished inside, coated with food-grade resin for use with cold beverages. By Order.

11th-13th century betrothal ring: by Martin Planert

Viking, Celtic & Medieval Jewellery Reproductions: Crafted by Roy Castell. Roy's top quality items are displayed in European Museums.


The Armour Archive: A large collection of Armour related information


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