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The Property

  • Extensive camping areas in close proximity to access roads.
  • Fresh water from the creeks is suitable for washing and bathing. While many have been happy drinking from the creeks for the past two years, we recommend that you bring your own drinking water .

Google Earth Maps - January 2007 - Save the Text file as a .KMZ file on your PC and open it in Google Earth.

Dunghaven Encampment:

Installed in 2003:
  • Fort
  • The Fort - "Dungkeep" is a substantial structure made of thick pine logs and is a continuous work-in-progress. Bring a Battering Ram!
  • Toilets - There are several scattered around the Dunghaven encampment. The toilets are basic composting toilets which have remarkably little odour. (please note: The toilet in the photos above looks wet because it was raining).
  • 3-way battle obstacle - Three teams fight each other at once.

Installed in 2004:

  • Tournament Ring
    Knife and Axe throwing Areas
  • The Tournament Ring is a 6m diameter octagon with a gravel floor. Rope boundaries confine the combatants. The tournament ring can accommodate up to 6 individuals for a 3 vs 3 fight.
  • Dedicated Knife and Axe throwing areas have been set up. Targets can be organized by prior arrangement.
  • The Kitchen is a 6m x 9m open-air kitchen with roof, walls, door, sinks, barbeque hot plates and ovens, preparation tables, and ice boxes. The kitchen is screened against insects. It is equipped with lights, power points and water taps. Lights and water can be provided by prior arrangement.
  • The shower block has 4 private cubicles with shower heads. Hot and cold water can be provided by prior arrangement.
  • Not pictured is the Archery Range with targets. Both Target and Field archery can be accommodated.
Scheduled for construction by Easter 2007:
  • Fort - The fort will be an ongoing project. Each year we will repair damage and improve the fortifications so that it is better and stronger each year.
  • A gateway obstacle for combat.
  • Footbridges across the creeks. These will be used for access and for combat.
  • Paths between encampments and facilities.
  • A children's playground area with swings, see-saws, adventure playground etc. This will be in a discreet location.
  • Archery facilities to be upgraded to accommodate competitions.
  • Period construction Tavern with an outdoor area with tables and seating.
  • A number of period style pieces to add to the ambience. The exact pieces have not been decided but options include wicker fences, rock cairns, signage, maypole, wooden benches, stocks, sod ovens etc.



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