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There are two established encampments at the Danelaw. Please refer to the map by clicking here;


Beorg-Wic is the encampment that the Ancient Arts Fellowship (AAF) have reserved for hosting their October Long Weekend event named "Beorg-wic Under Munt" (meaning Mountain Camp). The encampment is located on a hillside on the western side of The Danelaw. AAF have installed a number of permanent features that add comfort and to the ambience of their annual event. Contact AAF for information about their encampment and annual event.


Dunghaven is the name of the encampment where Danelaw hosts its events and makes available for hire to other groups. It is located on the eastern side of The Danelaw approximately 700m from Beorg-wic.

  • Installed in 2003:

  • Installed in 2004:
  • Tournament Ring
    Knife and Axe throwing Areas
Establishing Encampments

Other groups have begun reserving areas between Dunghaven and Beorg-Wic for their groups own permanent encampments.

The purpose of permanent encampments is to be able to install period features and infrastructure for your own comfort and ambience, that can remain in place from one event to another. This eliminates the need to build and dismantle everything each year and offers the opportunity to construct more substantial features.

A permanent encampment may be a well established site with infrastructure for hosting of your own groups events, like Beorg-wic and Dunghaven, or it may simply be a small campsite with a number of permanent features for your use while attending other groups events at the Danelaw.

If you are interested in establishing a long-term encampment at The Danelaw, please feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas by clicking here



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