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Static Displays, Shows and Tournaments

For over 15 years now Danelaw have been putting on professional displays, tournaments and shows for festivals, conventions, fund raisers, promotional events and private functions. Our efforts at these events have drawn large crowds and have been well remembered for many years by those who have seen our performances.

Our tournaments include duels and mass melees between combatants using authentic re-construction weapons and armour from different periods of medieval history. We can also incorporate fire eating, archery and siege-weapon demonstrations, bards/minstrels and various educational performances and activities

Our shows, displays and tournaments can be organized to meet the needs of any event including the format, size and cost. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any queries or questions you may have.

Danelaw Promo Video

Our recently completed promotional video below, captures some lively footage and stills from a number of Danelaw's previous shows.

Produced for your enjoyment and perusal, It's well worth a look, and simply serves to provide an inkling of what Danelaw can provide in terms of the entertainment and exitement at your next show or event.

Danelaw Promo Video


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