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Arts & Crafts

Although Danelaw is widely renown as a fighting society, these days there is much more to it than just the fighting.A number of members within the club not only love to fight, but also have grown to develop keen interests and passions for the “Arts and Crafts”side of medieval Re-enactment.


The Arts and Crafts group within Danelaw covers what is typically thought of as arts and crafts as well as a few other examples that don’t always fit within the stereo-type.We have members who have a passion for textiles, costuming, and weaving, while other members are masters in medieval recipes, armouring and blacksmithing, to name a few. As a group we welcome and encourage people of all walks of life to Medieval re-enactment.


Fabric, Textiles, and that woven stuff:

 What would re-enactment be without something pretty and practical to wear?

Within Danelaw we have a number of enthusiastic costumers who have a wide range of patterns for a number of periods. We are more than willing to help you make your first tunic whether it be for fight, feasting or just for fun. Our members however are not just limited to sewing clothes, other textiles such as fabric dying, tablet weaving, hat making, and shoe making are all things that our members have experience in.



For Something a little harder:

 Danelaw also has a number of armouring and metal working enthusiasts. It is not strange for one of our members to arrive at training with something new weather it be to protect themselves with or for someone to protect themselves from. Our resident (Professional)blacksmith is the maker of many of the helmets, gauntlets, spear heads and other metal stuff our members use.

 Other members use metal to form intricate metal jewellery to hang their bling off. This is an ancient Viking form of metal weaving that dates back to early dark ages.

Recreations of historically accurate pieces of jewellery (bling) are also created by one of our members, Roy Castell who crafts Viking, Celtic & Medieval Jewellery Reproductions: Roy's top quality items are displayed in European Museums and his handiworks are often used as token at events such as Beorg-wic Under Munt or sold individually.



Food, food glorious food.

 Danelaw is not only good at making things to use and ware; we are also good at making things to eat. We have two periodic bee-hive ovens at the Danelaw, where we have baked a variety of delicious breads, and meats. These have been lots of fun to use at camping events where attendees eat a variety of periodic foods such as Potage of Barley, a 10th Century soup made form Vegetables, or Blancmange a medieval rice dish composed principally of rice, almonds and chicken. Our crowning Glory was catering to over 250 people for 4 days at our recent and successful 2007 medieval convention. This included a number of period medieval dishes being prepared and served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.This included two full seven course medieval banquets also.


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