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Archery was certainly an important part of medieval warfare and it fits in well with all the core Medieval themes and cultures. As a refection of this a number of Danelaw members have purchased period bows and are currently exploring opportunities to train for archery on a regular basis. On that note recurve bows are also permitted. Some dressing up to make them more medieval is highly welcomed..

Archery is a safe, non contact sport that is open to all ages and is becoming a big feature of interclub events. Danelaw currently has a number of keen Archers and archery is often a frequent element in our weekly trainings. Competition Archery shoots are held at most regular events and we have a dedicated archery field set up at our property the Danelaw.

Danelaw as a club is also equipped for Combat archery for both Combatants and Archers. This involves the use of full faced meshed helmets and protective gorgets.Bunted arrow heads are used with taped shafts for increased safety and the limit for a bow poundage is 30lb. The highlight of this activity is the gauntlet, where combatants run the gauntlet under a heavy volley of missile fire often from elevated positions on our fort wall. Dodging and weaving amongst the trees for our moving targets is all part of the fun!


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