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Our Group Activities

Danelaw Medieval Fighting Society recreates the combat aspects of medieval history. Whilst our weapons armour and costumes are all authentic recreations, we mainly specialise in hand-to-hand combat, medieval style.

Danelaw group has 10-15 core members who all pursue their skills in various weapons such as swords, spears, axes and pole-arms. Ages range from 12 years through to 60 years of age. Danelaw is a social and sporting club that enjoy a very unique sport.
Some of the other activities that Danelaw are involved in include camping, weapon making, feasting, archery, tournaments and combat displays, hosting and supporting re-enactment events at our private property "The Danelaw".
Danelaw often performs medieval shows and tournaments for our clients and for the public and over the years has performed at weddings, promotional events, parties, festivals and for TV and film.
The group was formed in 1995 and many of its founding members remain. Our members have been regulars at inter-club events and medieval conventions since 1985 and some of our members traveled to England in October of 2000 to participate in the recreation of the Battle of Hastings.
We are a tight knit group but we always welcome new members and visiting members of other groups to come and explore their unique area of interest and to promote awareness and growth for our activities.

Weekly training

From 6.30pm to 8.30

Every Wednesday

at Merrylands West Scout Hall

@ 3 Kenyons Rd

in Merrlyands West

(Phone beforehand to make sure we're going to be there)

Don't hesitate to contact our club secretary to find out more details if you're interested.


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