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The name "Danelaw"

Our club's name is derived from an ancient law that once controlled the north-eastern parts of England. It was declared, by Alfred the King of England, to appease the plundering Vikings and provided them with a territory of England which was under their control. Hence the area soon became known as "The Danelaw". This law was put in place in 878 A.D. and lasted for some sixty years. The English Saxon's were fed up with the fierce Viking raids so that this was the only viable solution left to make peace with the invaders. The capital of this Viking territory was York. Some parts of this realm are still referred to as The Danelaw today.

Map 1
Viking 900 AD
Norman 1100 AD

The Normans were originally Viking invaders that, not unlike their Danelaw cousins, kept raiding the northern parts of France. Finally in 911 A.D. the King of France, "Charles the Simple", gave Viking Chief "Ganga Hrolf-Rollo" the northern part of France known as Normandie (or Normandy) as a peace offering. During the next 150 years they settled in Normandy where the combination of old Norse Fury and French finesse gave rise to the people known as the Normans.

In the historic year of 1066 A.D. the Normans, led by William the Conquerer, invaded England and defeated the Saxon army of King Harold at the Battle of Hastings in southern England. He promptly set about becoming the outright ruler of all England. His introduction of the Norman way of life helped shape the way we see modern Britain today.


Saxon 1000 AD

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